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Coverage: Ontario
Monthly : $94.95 CAD


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January 11, 2022
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Submitted by: Alex (Kitchener , ON)
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Worst scammers.

The worst by far from them all.
I pay $93.+ a month for their glitching internet yet wouldn't give me 8 days to pay my bill or a discount. And I have had them for 5 years. Shame on them and will never use them again.
July 13, 2020
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Submitted by: Jenny (Ottawa , ON)
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Never, ever even think of going with this ISP.

1. They overcharge by a HUGE amount for the ... ty speeds they give you. They charge over 50 dollars for 15mbps download, 1 mbps upload. YES I SAID 1. ONE. and you NEVER get the speed you pay for either. I just did a speedtest and I'm currently only getting 10mbps with .60 upload, and I'm only browsing the internet.

2. Their customer service is horrible, I have to call them ALL the ... time because of stupid internet issues forcing me to. They never fix anything, they tell you that you having under the speed you're paying for is fine. (they tell me that me getting 10mbps vs 15 is totally fine). They have a hard time realizing when it's their issue.

3. They advertise that if you call and have a billing issue, they can arrange a payment plan. That's all bull ... . Their ONLY payment plan, is paying the full amount due within 1 week or "by the end of the week" or you will get suspended. If you ask them to figure something else out or work with you a bit better, they continuously argue with you and repeat themselves like robots, saying "this is the best we can do". You don't advertise that you can do payment plans and then your only payment plan Is paying the full amount, as if I wouldn't pay it already if I could?

Currently waiting until the end of this week for my new ISP to come. I'm going with virgin mobile that gives me 50mbps download and 15mbps upload for $60. NO fees that other ISP's charge including this one. 50mbps down, 15 up vs 15 mbps down, 1 up. for only 10 dollars extra?

This company is a scam. I'll never recommend them again. You can barely understand a word the customer service people are saying either so it's not worth it to buy this service if you're broke thinking they'll fix every issue. They won't, and they charge what other companies charge for ... ty speeds.
February 16, 2020
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Submitted by: Sasha (Renfrew, Ontario , ON)
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would never recommend this ISP in a million years.

writing this after my second month now having internet issues with them. first they sent me to bell insisting it was on their side & not on worldlines, bell sent me back saying it was on their side and possibly even my router. worldline did NOT want to believe that it was my router causing the internet issues and took them almost a week to send a new router. new router got hooked up & password was not the same nor was it the right one from the box. internet issues happening AGAIN and it seems that it happens even WORSE and almost like it happens right when my bill for the month comes out. almost like they completely throttle my internet to ... until i pay which is ... ing ridiculous. i pay on the same day each month & they throttle my ... for the longest time
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Promo Plan Speeds

Download: 250 Mbps

Upload: 20 Mbps

Worldline is an internet service provider that serves Ontario and Quebec, based in Cambridge, Ontario. Along with specializing in-home internet they also provide phone services as well for Canada wide calling and even calling for over 50 additional countries. But for now, GoneVoIP is mostly focusing on the home internet deals and Worldline’s quality of service.

Worldline believes in making the process easy for users, that is why they have no contracts, no monthly data caps, no hidden fees, and no credit checks as well. They understand that it could be unfair and refrain from doing so themselves.

The following are their DSL internet plans:

  • 15 mbps down, 1 mbps up for $54.95/month
  • 25 mbps down, 10 mbps up for $59.95/month
  • 50 mbps down, 10 mbps up for $69.95/month

The next following plans are their cable internet plans:

  • 30 mbps down, 5 mbps up for $59.95/month
  • 75 mbps down, 10 mbps up for $64.95/month
  • 150 mbps down, 15 mbps up for $74.95/month
  • 250 mbps down, 20 mbps up for $94.95/month

Along with their plans, they do offer free technical support as a feature. There is an installation fee of $74.79 which does seem to be on the pricey side when compared to other providers and could truthfully be lowered. There is also an option of modem rental for $9.95/month.

Worldline also provides technical billing support from 8AM - 10PM Monday to Friday and 9AM - 5PM on the weekends.

Despite having most of the features that most people wish to have, the company hasn’t racked up many positive users reviews. It seems that their customer support lags behind competition. Worldline applies internet traffic throtelling, that means that your traffic during peak times of 4:30PM - 2AM may may affect the quality and experience. For example of real-time entertainment when there are multiple videos being played in your household. This does seem like a big inconvenience to homes that consist of multiple members. It will come down to your needs when it comes to home internet.


Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark

Please, is internet service available for Mabou, N.S. B0E1X0?

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do you have service in Durham Bridge New Brunswick

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