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WRS Web Solutions
WRS Web Solutions

WRS Web Solutions

Website: www.wrswebsolutions.ca
Coverage: AB, BC, ON, QC, NS, NB, PE, NS, NL
Monthly : $69.95 CAD

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Download: 75 MBPS

Upload: 10 MBPS

WRS Web Solutions is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that has a lot to offer to the consumer base in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces. They provide VoIP home phone services, web hosting services, residential & business internet services, affiliate programs, though their focus is on offering high-speed internet plans. WRS Web Solutions Inc. is Veteran owned and was incorporated on 1 May 2010. It began by setting up a series of advertising focused websites on numerous topics, moved into web hosting and related services, and after a few years, it added internet plans to its offerings The owner's varied background includes experience in various aspects of computer systems and networks. The headquarters of WRS Web Solutions Inc. is located in Angus, ON, though it considers itself to be an 'online company' as opposed to a ‘bricks and mortar company' and does not operate retail locations (storefront locations). The company strongly prefers to deal with customers through the website.

'Sales' or ‘Support' contact forms, especially for checking an address for serviceability. To check your address for serviceability please use the ‘Sales' contact form, which can be found at the top of the page menu on the Home page of theirs. The company does have a bilingual Technical Support phone number for internet customers needing help with internet connections and modems, the number is 844-229-0868 (but that number is not for sales inquiries or non-internet types of support).

WRS Web Solutions offers a variety of residential internet plans. We will list the prices for Ontario plans.

  • 75 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up Unlimited at $69.95 per month
  • 150 Mbps Down, 15 Mbps Up Unlimited at $79.95 per month
  • 500 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up Unlimited at $104.95 per month
  • 1024 Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up Unlimited at $114.95 per month

The company advises on its website that its VoIP Services offered are best suited to customers with a good technical background who are able and willing to do their own configurations, and might not be well suited to the average person.

WRS Web Solutions is on the right track by offering a consolidated plan in regards to usage limits and pricing, but it diverts from this track with the overage charge. WRS Web Solutions' internet plan, however, is still very economical and will get some appeal for those looking for cheap and easy to afford internet access.

Though Gonevoip has to call out the WRS Web Solutions website design. The overall look and feel are simply atrocious. It is a throwback to 1994! A re-design shall be done ASAP!


Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark
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