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Beanfield Metroconnect provides home phone services as well as internet solutions to condos and apartment buildings across Canada. They operate only on the fiber optic medium, which means they provide extremely high speeds at lower costs when compared to internet service providers who offer their services to homes as well. The only downside to any internet service that offers connections to condos or apartments only is whether or not that building supports fiber optic cabling. Beanfield also provides home phone and business phone services as well, making it a very versatile telecommunications provider. Nonetheless, Beanfield Metroconnect goes the extra mile by offering to set up fiber optic capabilities for buildings that do not have it. The headquarters of Beanfield can be found at 77 Mowat Ave, Toronto, M6K 3E3. Let us now take a look at the residential phone plan that beanfield has to offer to see how it fairs against the competition.

Beanfield offers a Home Phone plan which allows customers to dial anywhere Canada or the USA for the price of $20 per month. This plan is claimed to be an unlimited plan, thus users can dial however much they want. After a thorough check of the terms and conditions page, we saw mention of Beanfield limiting this "unlimited" connection to a large number of minutes. However, the price of this plan does seem to be on the steeper side. The Canada plan offered by Beanfield Home Phone service is as expensive, coming at $15 per month.  If we compare Beanfield to for example VoIP Much, which also offers a North America wide unlimited plan for only $9.45 per month, we can easily see that Beanfield Home Phone monthly price is out of whack.

Note that for customers who choose not to subscribe to Beanfield's Internet with the Home Phone, a steep $150 home phone installation fee is applicable! More than an installation fee that looks like an indexed service tax!

The international calling rates being implemented by Beanfield also seem to be on the more expensive side. To illustrate; the international calling rate tp Pakistan by Beanfield per minute is $0.1273 per minute while, for example, Phone Power only charges $0.068 per minute. The difference in the rates is more than half and is hardly justifiable.

Beanfield offers only 3 features inclusive to this plan: Voicemail, caller id, and call forwarding. Many other providers go the distance by providing a larger amount of features inclusive to the plan such as conference calling, call blocking, call waiting, telemarketer blocking and fax services. Furthermore, we saw no mention being made of a working smartphone app to better accommodate customers.

Beanfield pricing and features are the two main aspects of this service that require a different perspective. The pricing and features are certainly not competitive to the market in today’s telecommunications world. Secondly, the lack of any smartphone app makes the service even less appealing!

If you need a modern Home Phone, which many do, then look and shop elsewhere. Beanfield's Home Phone is a missed opportunity.

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