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City-Com Communications is a Business Phone provider with a wide range of products from Panasonic, 8x8, and NEC. They are the exclusive Panasonic distributor in the Guelph Ontario region with Platinum Partner designation.

What they offer.

City-Com Communications offer a variety of products that integrate well together and are supported by the distributor, with backup expertise from Panasonic.

Digital and IP Telephone systems are supported with onsite equipment or a hosted cloud-based system.   Digital Telephone systems operate on standard lines and do not rely on the internet that may not be strong, or exist in rural areas. They are installed with standard cabling and not Ethernet LAN cables.

IP Telephone systems are cost-effective and include a wide range of productivity tools and features. City-Com supports advanced applications such as email, CRM, mobile connections, and remote employees. The hosted phone systems are cloud-based and extend high-end features to even the smallest of offices.  The full line of Panasonic desktop and DECT phones are supported by this distributor.

Advanced call center features are supported, including agent productivity reporting and live monitoring of the caller's experience. On-screen pop-up notifications are supported.

City-Com also provides high-quality video surveillance systems.  They include high-resolution outdoor cameras and systems that store seven days or more of high compression storage. Video Surveillance also includes expert design and installation services.

To complete the user experience, City-Com Communications will sell and service durable and ergonomic wireless headsets from leaders such as Plantronics, Chameleon, and Jabra.

Unique features

City-Com has a deep understanding of Panasonic solutions and can provide onsite assessments and technical assistance when required. They offer 24-hour emergency support.

Pros and Cons

City-Com Communications is a Business Phone provider that also builds and supports Network Cabling solutions with leading provider certifications. They can design and build the racks, switches, modems, and cables needed for a turn-key solution.

This service provider does not offer wide-area internet services, rather focuses on the Business VoIP experience and productivity, including inside wiring and racking as supporting infrastructure.

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