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October 2, 2015
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Submitted by: Dissatisfied (Ladner , BR)

Worst possible service

Clearly a 2 man operation. Overworked, rude, bad temper, threatening. Pulls the plug at a whim. Calls you "the small guy" and says he has "bigger clients" than you that need their help. I would NEVER recommend anyone use this company. At this rate, they won't be around long to go with anyone else.

Reply from: Aaron Shames
October 2, 2015
Can you please contact me so I can determine what occurred to give you this opinion of our company?

We receive excellent reviews and have 90+% satisfaction when clients have been surveyed. I really would like to know the disconnect that caused you to have this opinion. I will be sure to make it up to you if your account was not handled with up most importance.

Please contact me at aaron@voipits.com and let me know what happened.


Aaron Shames
February 13, 2015
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Submitted by: Barry Gillies (Kingston, Jamaica , ON)

Too many technical issues and poor customer service

I signed up for VOIPITS on Feb, 4th, 2015 and today (Feb 13th) I had to abandon the service because of numerous technical issues and the fact I was left feeling as if Im a bother in calling in repeatedly about the issues I faced. First off as a client I had to learn as I go along instead of information being revealed up front. Only AFTER signing up did I learn I needed to buy a SIP app to work with my smart phone. After signing up and paying US$15 on Feb 3, the service stopped working on Feb 4th. I kept calling numerous times and waiting in between hoping the service would return. I made some checks about 3-4 days later only to find out my balance was used up because I made about 3 or 4 test calls initially to make sure it was working resulting in the balance being used up. There was no email alert or any other indicator that I needed to top up my balance to restore service. I only found this out after calling their office. They didn't seem to care that I threatened to discontinue my service with them after repeated failure in processing voice calls as when I called on Friday morning 13 Feb their technical guy Tim told me he had "briefly looked at my email" (but had done absolutely nothing to contact me) or get my forwarded service working properly. Codes sent to my phone for verification resulted in dropped calls and all Tim said is he "had no advice for me as the phone is working properly the issue must be with the companies sending me codes to verify my identity. I also learned afterwards they don't process text messages. For their ROTTEN customer service and 'glitchy' phone service I give them a 2 as I'm now out of pocket US$25, days lost not being able to be contacted and hours of lost productivity in trying to get their service to work. VOIPITS is NOT a turnkey, easy to use service for business people.
February 18, 2014
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Submitted by: Linda Walburns (kamloops , BR)

Highly Recommend

I have utilized various voip administration suppliers in the past and had numerous issues with each as to sound quality and charging. The company is unquestionably the best! Their client administration and tech help is out and out remarkable! They were greatly supportive with setting up the framework on my workstation and have dependably been accessible to furnish tech aid the few times I have need it. Extraordinary organization!
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VOIPITS provided a free virtual phone system called PBXww.  The problem VoIPITS found when creating this plan is that most Hosted PBX (virtual phone system) providers are selling by a per extension fee.  This means the customer has to pay a set monthly fee for every single phone on the system.  This makes the system much more expensive if you wish to have extra phones such as:

1) The second phone for a single employee (For home use, or Smart Phone app)

2) Part-time employees who don’t make many phone calls

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DIDWW Overtaking VoIPITS Customers

We have come to know that VoIPITS (also works under MYPBX and CheapDID) is facing business continuity issues. VoIPTS had been in operation since 2013 and has worked as a reseller for Ireland based DIDWW �
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