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Inter-Active Telecom
Inter-Active Telecom

Inter-Active Telecom

Services: Cable, DSL & Dry-Loop
Availability: Unknown
Monthly Price: $59.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$59.95 Shipping: $30 Other: $ No

Download: 75 Mbps

Upload: 10 Mbps



Founded in 2003 Interactive-Telecom Inc has been providing VoIP and internet services in Canada.

Their website is pretty straightforward but doesn’t provide us with any in-depth information about themselves or other attributes regarding their services. Interactive Telecom does, however, offer bundled plans which reduce the overall costs for consumers. They also provide long distance solutions as well as alarm systems for homeowners.

The headquarters of Interactive Telecom was not mentioned on their website and were quite elusive on Google as well. Let us now review one of Interactive Telecoms prominent residential internet plans!

Interactive Telecom offers a Cable Home Internet plan which offers download speeds of up to 75 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps with unlimited bandwidth for a total of $59.95 per month. This pricing is quite competitive considering the services being offered. Another prominent internet services provider which is known for discounted prices named TekSavvy also offers a 75 Mbps plan with an unlimited usage cap for $49.95. The difference of ten dollars isn’t substantial but it does give TekSavvy an advantage. However this doesn’t quite take away any credit from Interactive Telecom considering the pricing is competitive, and they did not use the unlimited aspect of their plan as a means to drive the price substantially higher, which is a very prominent practice done by many other internet service providers.

The problem of not providing enough information continues with Interactive Telecom when discussing the additional charges. The only fee that has been mentioned is the installation fee, which amounts to a total of $30. Whether or not this price includes the fees of a dry loop in the case of DSL installation is entirely unknown.

Furthermore, the additional monthly charge of a dry loop has not been mentioned either. Considering that Interactive Telecom is advertising DSL plans on their website, it is imperative that they provide other necessary information, for example, the monthly fees of the dry loop. The rental and purchase fees for the routers that Interactive Telecom providers have been mentioned. A consumer can rent a basic DSL model for an extra $8.95 per month. No word if these can be bought from them.

The plan that Interactive Telecom offers is not by any means disappointing considering they are not gouging or probing the consumer for extra money. However, it does seem somewhat shady that key pieces of information are missing, such as the features that are provided with this plan!

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