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Transat Telecom
Transat Telecom

Transat Telecom

Services: DSL
Availability: ON & QC
Monthly Price: $54.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$54.95 Shipping: $ Other: $9 No

Download: 50 Mbps

Upload: 10 Mbps



Transat Telecom is a telecommunications provider with head office in Montreal, Quebec.  A relatively new entrant in the sector having been established in November of 2017. As many Canadian Internet Service Providers, Transat Telecom offers home internet and home phone, in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Let us now review the home internet plans and let's see how these fare against the competition.

In total Transat Telecom offers 5 Home Internet plans. All services are using VDSL  fiber to the node technology and offer unlimited usage. Below we detail the main characteristics and pricing of each plan.

  • FTTN 7: Download 7 Mbps, Upload 1 Mbps @ $28,95
  • FTTN 10: Download 10 Mbps, Upload 1 Mbps @ $35,95
  • FTTN 15: Download 15 Mbps, Upload 10 Mbps @ $39,95
  • FTTN 25: Download 25 Mbps, Upload 10 Mbps @ $46,95
  • FTTN 50: Download 50 Mbps, Upload 10 Mbps @ $54,95

Remarkably pricing remains the same for Quebec and Ontario, we have seen providers apply pricing differentiation. But in this case Transat Telecom chose simplification and both are the same.

Let us review now what other associated fees are to be considered here.

  • Installation Fee: $99
  • Use your Own Modem: $9
  • Modem: Rental $1/month or Buy $49.99
  • Change of Address: $49.99
  • Shipping Fee: $20

Additionally, Transat Telecom offers certain alternatives in terms of hardware.

  • Broadband Wi-Fi Router: $69.95
  • Wired Network Extension:  $99.95

All plans have the Dry Loop, if required, included for free. The shipping included is rather expensive, but on the plus side if you live nearby you could go to Transat office and pick up the modem yourself.

In terms of pricing, for similar speeds and unlimited usage you can find Altima Telecom is cheaper. The FTTN 50 at Transat Telecom is $54,95 per month and at Altima Telecom is $49,95 per month.  It may look little only $5 per month, or $60 a year. Though that is extra money in your pocket and you'll decide where and how to spend it.

Transat Telecom is not off by much but by tweaking a bit the pricing could be right there. Also, the fact that is only offering VDSL options at this time is limiting the number of customers it can reach. Having Cable not only will cause to have a wider reach but more plans to entice potential customers.

In a final note, we believe the internet speeds Transat Telecom currently offers are just okay. There is a need to offer higher tier speeds to satisfy the growing demands of streaming services in HDTV, Ultra HD or 4K.

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