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Transat Telecom

Services: FTTN, DSL
Availability: QC, ON
Monthly Price: $28.95 CAD

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November 13, 2019
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Submitted by: Steve (Etobicoke , ON)
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Fast internet

Transat customer service is amazing, and the quality of the service is exceptional. Highly recommend Transat to anyone who is looking for good internet service.
August 14, 2019
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Submitted by: Verivel T (Montreal , QU)
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Good Service

I have DSL internet provided by Transat. I can use my own modem with a router, so it is much easier, and better since I can play with the settings as I want to.
June 3, 2019
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Submitted by: Pushpa (Scarborough , ON)
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good service


I'm happy with Transat service last year no issues to complain. I'm saving some money since moving to them.
May 29, 2019
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Submitted by: Ram Rasam (Toronto , ON)
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I signup with Transat internet in 2018 I always paid $29. Right now upgraded to me 50 Mbps I'm getting about 46-48 Mbps big changes from 15 Mbps! Price increased only $5!
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$28.95 Shipping: $0 Other: $0 No

Download: 15 Mbps

Upload: 10 Mbps



Transat Telecom is a Canadian telecommunications company offering various services to its customers. There are residential offers as well as business plans. High-speed Internet access and telephony, including long-distance, are the main services offered by Transat Telecom at competitive rates throughout Canada. In addition, Transat Telecom offers phone packages abroad at unbeatable prices. Accessibility, reliability and low cost are our watchwords.

Transat Telecom basic package for internet starts at $28.95 + tax for a basic plan, but unlimited internet use because there are no bad surprises with Transat Telecom, all packages are unlimited. As simple as that. Transat Telecom offers 3 unlimited Home Internet plans:

  • 15 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $28.95 per month
  • 25 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $34.95 per month
  • 50 Mbps Down, 10 Mbps Up at $39.95 per month

You can use your own modem, rent a modem for $9.95 or buy one from Transat Telecom at $99.95

Keep the peace of mind and opt for a fixed billing, Transat Telecom guarantees a fixed price as long as you are a customer.

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