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May 26, 2020
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Submitted by: Jenny Tymko (Taber , AB)
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Discontinued Services ...continued automatic debit

Totally unacceptable ...have tried four times to cancel services and each time I am assured i am then I get another bill. Unethical and feels like a scam. Feel some compensation is due. Ridiculous to deal with matters as the roosters crow somewhere in the world
September 25, 2014
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Submitted by: Keith Worrell (Brantford , ON)

Customer Service

actual service is fine but customer service is in Philippines and person we dealt with had voice/accent impossible to understand. We are moving on 7 Oct which is cancellation date for service but were cut off immediately and it takes 7-10 days to reinstate.
Not acceptable service!
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Intl. Minutes:

Sears Connect was the telecommunications shop of the now-defunct Sears Canada. The Wireless component of Sears Connect became Simple Connect. In particular, in this GoneVoIP review, we will look at Sears Connect Long Distance services, at the time denominated ComparAction.

Provider No Longer Operating 

The Sears Connect Long Distance service once upon a time gave away Sears Club points. Which now that Sears has gone under makes you wonder what are those Club points good for anyway? Calling Sears Connect you are immediately greeted by ComparAction, which was the company running the service on behalf of Sears, back in the day when Sears was still an existing brand.

The way the service worked was that one has to subscribe to a monthly long-distance plan; depending on your needs you'll choose which plans may be better. When we looked at the long-distance rates from ComparAction, compared with those of other international long distance providers (Localphone for example) Sears Connect rates were almost 3x higher; plus the fact you have to be paying a monthly subscription for the service whether you use it or not makes Sears Connect Long Distance one of the most expensive in the Canadian market.  

Finally, Sears Connect does not include integration with a Smartphone app, nor web calling so for all these reasons may be better looking at other Long Distance providers.


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