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Kingston Online Services

Kingston Online Services

Coverage: Ontario
Monthly : $74.95 CAD

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May 10, 2020
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Submitted by: Clare (Glenburnie , ON)
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Terrible wifi

The wifi is so slow it takes 3 hours to watch a 1.5 hour movie. I would not recommend this service to anyone, they say they are fixing it but it never improves. It is very expensive to pay for something that barely works.

Reply from: K.S.
September 23, 2020
Just came across this site when I was searching which year KOS was established.

I have had KOS since the 90's, just north of Belleville.
The problem is not KOS itself in most cases but the connectivity out in the country.
I currently have DSL, speeds used to be around 3 Mb/s download but lately they have been down to only a fraction of a Mb/s.
That is a problem with the Bell lines, not KOS - you will have that problem with any ISP that uses the same lines.
When complaining to Bell,they will shuffle the pairs to try to get some better lines, but the Bell tech will tell you (at least he told me) that the lines are old and Bell has no plans to replace them.
I access my KOS email from another location which works great - I also find KOS support very helpful, but the poor Bell lines is something KOS can't do much about.

Reply from: Lana Thompson
June 3, 2020
Hi there, im confused by your review....its showing 5 stars (the only 5 star review LOL)
but yet your write definitely doesnt reflect 5 stars. Im looking at new internet options in my area and dont want to make the wrong choice. What area are you in? Im in the Belleville/Stirling area. Would appreciate your input. Ive talked to one person in my area that really likes this service
January 10, 2018
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( Napanee , ON)

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Do not use this ISP. I wanted to switch from my slow ISP and tried KOS but for the first 3 nights it was constant disconnects so I up plugged and went back to my other ISP as I did not disconnect yet. I called them after the 3rd night to come and get the radio and power supply and after 2 weeks no one had come. I called again finally someone showed up then I get a bill for the 3 days and the next month and they will not refund the one month. I told them to check the traffic for that month but still 80 bucks so thinks twice with these guys.
October 18, 2017
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Submitted by: Allison (PEC , ON)
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Terrible service, questionable billing practices.

KOS billed full price for several months for service that didn't work, sent crews twice (one of which explained the company bought new equipment that didn't work, and wouldn't work...) and tech support suggested it was my router that was the issue, more than once.

Tried to be reasonable and come to an agreement with the company for some free months until they got their act together, and they agreed to credit me, then they didn't and I had to fight charges with visa. Dropped them in favour of another provider.

The best part? Needed copied of receipts from them for tax purposes (they don't send invoices or receipts if you pay by cc!!) and they withheld these receipts (they are legally obligated to give me) unless I showed up at their office and paid a $25 cash ransom.

Terrible company. Terrible service.
September 11, 2017
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( Pec , ON)

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very intermittent wireless -- reset and antennae check by KOS but service dropped again speed very slow ...resetting pwr supply to system regularly is some help but a dozen times per day is nuts -- gives ping 95 d/l 0.74Mbps up/l 0.79 Mbps this is sooo por...again on the service call list???
June 25, 2012
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( Belleville , ON)

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When we started with KOS, they were using a non line of site YAGI system and it worked okay but wasnt terribly fast. They have now switched us to a wimax and the ul/dl are fantastic but they throttle the usage since they can now monitor usage. When we signed up, they didnt have usage caps but since upgrading, they have changed but the cost certainly didnt reflect it. Our contract says nothing about usage caps but their customer service said that they didnt ever say that their usage was unlimited. My comment to them was that it didnt say it was either
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Promo Plan Speeds

Download: 60 Mbps

Upload: 10 Mbps

Kingston Online Services is a provider that has been in the game for over two decades. Founded in 1993 in southwestern Ontario, they now offer a range of services across Ontario and Quebec. KOS offers 3 different sets of internet packages that we will now break down.

High Speed Cable

  • 15 mbps down, 2 mbps up with 200 GB of Usage a month for $39.95/month
  • 40 mbps down, 10 mbps up with 300 GB of Usage a month for $54.95/month
  • 60 mbps down, 10 mbps up with 300 GB of Usage a month for $74.95/month

The additional fees that follow are $15/ month if you want unlimited usage, $5/month for a modem rental and $79.95 for purchase.

Wireless Broadband Packages

  • 4 mbps down, 50 GB of usage for $46.95/month
  • 6 mbps down, 100 GB of usage for $56.95/month
  • 6 mbps down, 250 GB of usage for $59.95/month
  • 10 mbps down, 350 GB of usage for $69.95/month

There is free downloading for these plans from 1AM - 6AM.


  • 6 mbps down, 0.8 mbps up with 25 GB of usage for $26.95/month
  • 6 mbps down, 0.8 mbps up with 200 GB of usage for $39.95/month
  • 10 mbps down, 0.8 mbps up with 200 GB of usage for $49.95/month
  • 15 mbps down, 5 mbps up with 200 GB of usage for $54.95/month

The additional fees that follow are $10-$15 if you choose to make it unlimited, $5/month for a modem rental and a starting price of $79.95 for modem purchase.

The prices that are offered by KOS are relatively on the higher end of the scale when compared to other providers in the business. When you also choose to add the unlimited option it the drastic prices become even more visible. There are also a few hidden fees that are not mentioned clearly on their website which is a clear downside. Because of this customers are not fully aware of what they are getting into. Dry loop fees can only be judged based on your area but the installation fee of $90.65 is huge. Most other internet providers charge between $10 - $30.

GoneVoIP does recognize KOS as a reputable option as they have many years of experience. However since their prices are ranging on the expensive side of the spectrum, we do recommend to keep looking through other internet providers as well since these similar plans can most definitely be found at a cheaper price elsewhere. The lack of transparency with their fees is also a con. GoneVoIP believes that KOS should be clear about these to let customers know what they are getting into.


Web Email Access: Checkmark
Online Chat Support: Checkmark
Feature 24x7 Support: Checkmark
Unlimited Bandwidth: Checkmark
Own Modem: Checkmark
Rent Modem: Checkmark
Combo Wireless Modem: Checkmark
Fixed IP Available Checkmark
DHCP IP Checkmark
Extra Protection Plan Checkmark
DSL Checkmark
Cable Checkmark
Email Accounts Checkmark
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