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The 25 Most Popular Providers of 2019

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Through 2019 the GoneVoIP platform received more than half-million visitors. In general, the visits tend to be spread over the more than 560 internet and phone service providers found in the GoneVoIP platform. With this, there are trends and patterns, which the GoneVoIP team of specialists has sorted for you to observe.

This year more than in others, the trend was between Internet Providers and Home Phone Providers. The majority of the searches were related to finding the best internet service provider in Canada. But also there were many more searches for reading or expressing reviews. In many cases venting frustration. This attests to a clear dissatisfaction with the lack of proper Customer Satisfaction by some of Canada Internet providers.

The pattern is indicative of people switching for cheaper or cheap internet providers. In general, though, it doesn’t matter if it is the Internet, Business, or Home Phone; the reign and age of the price hike and long service contracts are challenged by independent providers throughout Canada.

In parenthesis is noted how the position changed compared to last year’s list. If there is nothing noted, then there was no change or if there is an (n) then means is a new entry in the list.

25 Most Viewed Providers of 2019

  1. Comwave Internet (+1)
  2. Altima Internet (-1)
  3. VoIP Much Home Phone (+4)
  4. Primus Internet
  5. XplorNet Internet (+4)
  6. Teksavvy Internet (-3)
  7. CIK Telecom Internet (+6)
  8. Distributel Internet (+4)
  9. Carry Telecom Internet (+16)
  10. GemsTelecom Internet (+12)
  11. Acanac Internet (+4)
  12. netTALK Connect Home Phone (n)
  13. CallCentric Home Phone (n)
  14. Talkit Home Phone (n)
  15. Cogeco Internet (+4)
  16. Fongo Home Phone (-10)
  17. Execulink Telecom Internet
  18. Yak Home Phone (+3)
  19. Citywide Internet (-8)
  20. VMedia Internet
  21. Comwave Home Phone (-13)
  22. Eastlink Internet (n)
  23. Worldline Internet (-5)
  24. Surf Internet (n)
  25. Ooma Home Phone (n)

Now let’s look more in particular at the most viewed pages per main service category.

The Top 5 Internet Providers Pages Viewed in 2019:

We had already mentioned this, but more and more Canadians are looking for better and cheaper high-speed internet service providers. However, in some cases, the popularity of certain providers seems to be indicated by the persistent negative narration in the reviews.

  1. Comwave (+1)
  2. Altima Telecom (-1)
  3. Primus (+1) & CIK Telecom (n)
  4. XplorNet
  5. Teksavvy (-2)

The Top 5 Home Phone Providers  Pages Viewed in 2019:

The migration from landline to VoIP, or to a digital home phone, saw an acceleration this year.

  1. VoIP Much (+2)
  2. neTALK CONNECT (n)
  3. CallCentric (n)
  4. Talkit (n)
  5. Fongo Home Phone (-4)

The Top 5 Business Phone Pages Viewed in 2019:

Businesses and professionals all over Canada are enjoying the benefits, ubiquity, and inexpensiveness of going to VoIP Business Phone service Providers.

  1. RingCentral (+2)
  2. Versature
  3. VoIP Much (+1)
  4. MightyCall
  5. CIK Telecom (n)

The Top 5 International Long Distance Pages viewed in 2019:

For the first time this year, we noted an increase in pages related to International Long Distance pages and searches. We certainly saw a pattern of people looking for alternatives.

  1. Caztel
  2. Blue Tone
  3. Yak
  4. Call Select
  5. Localphone

It is very likely that your Home Internet, Home Phone and in case you operate a Professional Service or Business that your Business Phone provider is a perennial entry in the most viewed page list. There can be various reasons for that. Sometimes that is because of reviews, either positive or negative. Same way if your provider is not on one of these lists. The fact is the lists have some of the most recognizable brand names in Canada for a reason. So now you know,  the next time you are shopping for a new service provider; you may want to check-out one or more of these.

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