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Canada’s 2014 Top 10 Residential VoIP Providers

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This last spring we’ve asked Canadians to cast a vote and choose the best residential VoIP provider. Typically that is/would be the one provider currently in use.

Here is resulting in Canada’s Top 10 2014 Residential Provider Ranking;


Not to be surprised considering is one of the providers that blasts TV commercials and full ads pretty much everywhere. In spite of gaining brand recognition Comwave is in a tough market-facing fierce competition, the question to ask is can they hold on the top spot for next year?

#2 – Tie: Vonage & Fongo

Vonage, one of the pioneers of internet telephony comes in second; with a surprising tie with upcoming Canada’s Fongo. Vonage has name and brand reputation on his side but to Fongo that means nothing; Fongo has an amazing ability to go viral and cater services to a new generation of phone users.

#3 – Yak

A clear podium finish for Yak. The Canadian company is moving the evolution of VoIP in Canada by ensuring there is smooth integration between the Home Phone and the Smartphone. With plans starting at under $10 is no wonder Yak is a popular choice.

#4 – Phone Power

Just shy from the podium Phone Power did come up strong. With a solid offering, this provider is surely causing an impact in Canada’s households. It does look like getting 2-years of service for an average of under $10 per/month packed with many advanced features, is something many Canadians consider is the best for them.

#5 – Worldline

Coming from the same parent company as Fongo (Fibernetics) Worldline has started to make sure its name is heard in Canada’s households. For their efforts, they’ve got rewarded with a top-5 finish this year.

#6Altima Telecom

The Montreal based provider seems to be a popular choice among the crowd in Quebec and Ontario. Although their pricing is not as competitive (north of $10 per month) as other providers in the category they’ve managed to pull the sixth finish.

#7 – TekSavvy

Teksavvy has harvested over the years a very loyal customer base; mainly providing Internet Broadband access. For that reason many subscribers (may) combo the phone with the internet provider; we don’t really suggest you do that but is still a reality. In spite of limitations, TekSavvy manages to get a top-10 finish.

#8 – Freephoneline

Another branch of Fibernetics, this one cater to cost-conscious users (pre-dates Fongo) that has seen its share of popularity. May be seen as less sophisticated as other providers but Canadians are found to love anything that has the word ‘free’ on it – so there you have it a net top-10 finish for the free phone line.

#9 – Tie: VoIP Much & Brama Telecom

The Toronto based up and coming VoIP Much managed to pull a top-10 finish. Just to tie with another Toronto area provider; Brama Telecom. Now offerings could not be more dissimilar. From one side VoIP Much with a rich, under $10 per/month and contract fewer plans pushing the envelope to bring clear choices to Canadian households. On the other side, Brama Telecom has some nice but pricey plans.  Something is for sure, we don’t believe the tie will remain for next year.

#10 – Talkit

Closing Canada’s Top-10 Residential Providers is Hamilton-based Talkit. Clearly, for some Canadians the no-frills approach works as well.

Here is the list of honorable mentions; for those providers that did receive (some) votes but not enough to rank in the top-10, in no particular order: BabyTel, AxVoice,, Call Centric, AcroVoice & Primus.

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