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The Year that Was: 2015 in Review

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Highlights and Low-lights of the Year

It is incredible we are in December already! 2015 is going to be a year to be remembered.  In particular, we saw great progress in favor of Canadian consumers. Thanks to CRTC, there is no more 30-day cancellation notice since January of 2015 (read more about this policy here) – this new policy makes switching a lot easier, more so for those customers that are tangled with bundles! Also this past summer we saw the end of the 3-years contracts for mobile phone service. Ironically some VoIP or landline providers still use the tactic to sign people to long term contracts!  In any event, we wanted to review what was the best of the year, what was trending and also talk of some of the low-lights. There is no question that Consumers are getting the upper hand and well-deserved title of trendsetters! Let us review now the year that was.

Best of 2015:

–  Yak Home Phone. We really like the features, pricing and service dedication we see in Yak. Making a difference one customer at a time. Keeping up with the VoIP (R)evolution Yak’s Home Phone packs today’s essential features plus integration with smart-phone.  A+ to Yak’s Canadian based care team.  We see Yak try their hardest to do the right thing, in every occasion and for every customer – and that counts!

1-VoIP Home Phone Innovation. We are greatly impressed by the 1-VoIP full set of features and services, which not only include all the works but also going above and beyond – including 2GB cloud disk storage! Now would not want to fancy that for your home phone eh? For bringing the home phone to the cloud we give them the Best Innovation of 2015! What would 1-VoIP bring for 2016? Can’t wait to see!

Call Centric Best BYOD. Every DIYselfer dream come true.  Call Centric services are often referred to as robust, flexible yet not overly complicated that will make you think your tax returns are a piece of cake in comparison to setting a calling plan. Call Centric is showing what a mature BYOD provider looks like. Affordable, dependable, customization friendly & robust – what else is to add?

Popular in 2015:

VoIP Much Home Phone.  We are seeing how VoIP Much is becoming a household brand. It is the perfect balance of needs and wants. VoIP Much consistently delivers a solution that is sure to satisfy those searching for value, and Canadians love value!

Rebtel Long Distance. Canadians are blessed to have diverse backgrounds and points of origin. With that comes the need to keep that close contact with the home country. Rebtel simply excels, has a very good value (btw, do use gonevoip exclusive coupon!) great quality and popularity that doesn’t seem to stop growing!

Worst of 2015

– Comwave Home Phone.  Most Non-Recommended reviews in the Home Phone category.  Comwave is a marketing heavyweight for sure – but maybe could put more looking after existing customers. Will 2016 be any different? We’ll have to wait and see. For the sake of Canadian consumers, we hope services improve so it does customer satisfaction!

– Brama Telecom – Folded Operations July 2015 leaving many customers and partners stranded. Another example as to why it pays to look at reviews and check a provider before signing up services.

– Call Select – Some serious complaints about this long-distance provider. Hope 2016 proves to be a better year and revert the trend of most negative reviews in the Long Distance category.

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