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Canada Best 3 International Calling Plans

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VoIP International Long Distance Calling services did hit the ground running ever since they were brought into the playing field of telecommunications. VoIP services have revamped the pricing structure of every type of medium currently available. Even though some companies have decided to keep their pricing structures unhindered even after the wave of relief VoIP services have brought to the wallets of many users. Our topic of discussion, however, will not be of these stubborn providers, however, it will be to focus on the affordability of international calling via VoIP telephone services as our medium. Throughout Canada, in fact, the world, there are immigrants who are looking to connect with their loved ones abroad. Let us now discuss the top 3 best-selling international calling plans in the realm of Canadian VoIP Home Phone and International Long Distance providers.


VoIPLy is a home phone provider that is strong to the core.  The residential plan comes with an international calling to 50+ countries! Including India, China, Mexico, and the Philippines. Did we say there are no contracts? Includes: unlimited international calling, and includes the ATA for Free? Talk about the price is right! The features that come with VoIPLy are some of the most exciting in the market! Yes, you can keep your existing number, for free, and while we’re talking about free, guess what, there are no activation nor shipping fees!

Localphone. Talk Globally, call locally

Localphone is a well-known international long-distance calling provider that boasts a large number of customers around the world and across Canada. There isn’t a monthly international calling plan, however, it does offer great international calling rates for the existing plans. For example; Canada Long Distance rates are $0.03 per minute. Calling India is even cheaper at $0.01! To call the Philipines the rates go from $0.08 to $0.10. Depending on if you are calling to landline or mobile, in some cases you can expect to spend a little extra. Also, Localphone offers convenient Apps for smartphones, web-calling and dynamically generating Local Access numbers based on your area code. In short, Localphone is an ideal service for international long-distance calling heavy users.

VoIP Much International Calling

Last but definitely not least we have VoIP Much who employs a similar approach to other residential phone providers as it offers various regions as a part of their international scheme rather than a list of over 30 countries. You can choose two regions to add to your existing home phone plan at the charge of an extra $10.00 per month, which if you think about it, isn’t a bad deal at all. Calling your loved ones as much as you want for only an extra 10 bucks a month doesn’t sound too shabby at all, o say the least. The two regions you can add to your plan consist of countries across the Americas or Europe.

VoIP Much plans have a limit cap of 2,500 minutes per month, and any calls over four hours will be disconnected under suspicions of fraud. The plan can’t be considered unlimited; though to be fair all providers have a variation of the “fair usage” policy. With that said, 2,500 minutes (about 42 hours) of talking per month satisfies more than basic talking needs! In terms of pricing, GoneVoIP believes this is adequately fair and should be given further consideration.

Looking for more?

We at GoneVoIP want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from your providers. More so when opting into certain plans. Our suggestion to you, our fellow readers, is to research and know what to look for when opting into any VoIP Home Phone or finding cheap International Long Distance services. For your convenience; we have compiled a checklist that will assist you in making a calculated decision when choosing any VoIP service. It is also of the utmost importance to know about VoIP services and their correlation with 911 and emergency dialing as it is important for your prolonged safety and well-being!

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