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The Pitfalls of Small-Time VoIP Players

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Every now and then some new “business phone VoIP!” provider quickly enters the Canadian telecommunications market and the team here at Gonevoip just cringes. All we can think of are the poor startups and SMBs that are going to fall prey to the promise of low-cost, innovative technology coming from these pop-up shops.

The truth of the matter is that it takes time, experience, industry intelligence, and in-depth technical know-how in order to provide a reliable, enterprise-grade VoIP service. These small, fly-by-night operations are quite often here today, gone tomorrow. They offer no guarantees of long-term continuity and will likely negatively disruptive to your business operations down the road.

It is these small-time VoIP players that created a stigma of unreliability around VoIP technology throughout the early 2000s, one that Versature along with our partners has worked hard to shake.

A managed service provider (MSP) and Versature partner Genatec had to overcome this same barrier. Genatec found that many of their tech-savvy clients had been burned by low-quality VoIP services in the past and were hesitant about giving the technology a second try at their organization. It was through Versature’s transparent, customer, and technology-centric approach that Genatec was able to get customers to trust VoIP again, allowing the MSP to focus on their core IT priorities and leave the support of their client’s phone solution to us.

Make Informed Decisions, Ask These Questions to any potential VoIP Service Providers!

  1. Experience: How long have you been in business?
  2. Expertise: How many clients do you have Canada-wide? In my province? In my area? In my industry? Can you provide me with some customer success stories and relevant references for me to speak with?
  3. Reliability: Do you have equipment in more than 1 data center (also known as being geo-redundant)?  This is an important differentiator and is important for the continuity of your business operations.
  4. Transparency: Do you communicate uptime publicly so that my organization is never caught by surprise or without service?
  5. Support: How will you bring my organization on board? Will any training be provided? How will you prepare us/take us through the transition? Where is your support team located? What languages do they speak? What is the average problem resolution length? How do you handle support queries? (See how Versature does support and customer onboarding differently)

Making the decision to switch business phone service providers is not a light one, and certainly not a decision you want to make more than once. Doing it right the first time around is crucial to ensuring business longevity and reducing the strain on your IT department and everyone else who depends on their phone in your organization. You don’t want to get burned with upfront costs, capital investments, training, network configurations, and more only to find that your service provider has jumped ship and left you stranded with an unusable solution, as is so often the case.

With the need for a dependable Quality of Service (QoS) strategy, remote technician support, dedicated sales, and onboarding professionals, and in-demand features like video conferencing, call recording, CRM integrations, detailed call analytics, home office enablement, and more there are countless reasons why the benefits of a legitimate phone services provider will always outweigh those of a small-time VoIP player – even if the price seems right. Your phone is your business’ lifeline to your customer, reliability is a must!

Contact Gonevoip today to see how we can provide your organization with the most reliable cloud-based business phone solution on the market to keep you accessible, available, and connected to your customers.

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