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3 Reasons To Change Your Telecom Provider

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It is not uncommon. However, switching the internet or phone providers can be a stressful situation. So much so that many avoid it altogether.

It is likely one has been with the same provider for years. To the point that may have an integrated process, such as e-billing that seems difficult to adapt or change.

However, it always comes to a point where it is the right time to pull the plug. A provider may be facing challenges and is about to fail, or your life has changed. Maybe a combination of factors or the sum of all.

Here we’ll review how to recognize Three of the Top Reasons to merit change.

The Need for Speed

#3 Cutting Edge or Technology Obsolete?

Maybe once upon a time, your provider was on the cutting edge of technology, but not anymore. This may translate into a reduced number of services to cater to your particular needs. It also impacts a wide range of aspects; such as connectivity, cybersecurity, and businesses, competitiveness.

The win-win

#2 The right balance, Money & Cost Savings.

Not all providers price equally for similar services. If the average of staying with one provider is 4 years then the savings may be in the thousands of dollars. Nowadays there are providers offering contract-less, month-to-month agreements. Though fixing the monthly price for the term of the agreement.

The Time for Change is Now

The Care, if they don’t care why should you?

#1 Trust & Customer Care.

Have you ever felt like you simply cannot deal with your existing provider any longer? After unsuccessful and stressful calls to Customer Service, you had it. Maybe it is a repetitive technical issue or, the most common, a billing issue. If you find yourself in this situation then it is practical to think of the provider in question as a business partner, how long can you go like this? Would you continue to accept this from a partner? It’s okay to draw the line, more so to part ways from partners that prove not worth of one’s trust.

The truth is there are many options available. Be honest with your existing provider, though stand your ground knowing however difficult it looks it is possible to switch.  Some additional questions, if you are with a lemon provider that says one thing on commercials but does/provides another lower quality, why stay? If you are over-paying for second class technology, then why continue to support them?

Finally remember that is you, the consumer, who has and always had, the power to affect change.

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