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Toronto Home Phone Plans

There are several advantages of having a VoIP home phone or digital home phone service. Thanks to Voice over IP, nowadays, telecommunications are easier and cheaper than ever before. It’s not only easy to use but also extremely economical when compared to the prices from traditional landline operators, such as Bell or Rogers, charge. Voice over IP phone services include features that have been long considered out of reach due to the premium charges by the usual suspects, the big telco. However, now having unlimited international long-distance calling minutes, Caller ID, Call Block, HD Voice, and Spam Call Filters are easily accessible to all users since these are included with the home phone monthly plans. In fact, Home Phone VoIP service providers are the most popular choice for home phone service. Hundreds of thousands of Canadian homeowners have switched their Home Phone to a digital phone. Otherwise also known as VoIP telephony technology is for many far superior to the old landline service. Customers benefit from significant cost savings, unlimited international calling plans, and an incredible list of calling features such as call forwarding, call blocking, mobile app, voicemail to email and many more conveniences.

We have narrowed down the search for the Greater Toronto Area. Find below and shop with confidence to find the best Home Phone VoIP service. Finally, great value and service go hand and in hand.

VoIP Much Phone Company

  • Free Unlimited Canada/US Calling
  • Free E911
  • 30+ Included Features
  • Free Keep/Port Your Existing Number
  • Best Home Phone of 2018!
  • No Setup & No Contracts!
  • Only $9.45/month

netTALK CONNECT Home Phone

  • No Contract
  • Adapter Doubles as WiFi Range Extender
  • Some of the included features: Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call-ID Block and more!
  • Free Calling Canada, the USA, and Puerto Rico
  • Only $7/month 

VoIPLy Home Phone

  • No Contract & No Setup Fees!
  • Free Unlimited International Calling to 50+ Countries
  • 20+ Features Including HD Voice & Voicemail-to-Email
  • Free Number Porting
  • Mobile App
  • Only $7/month

VOIPO Home Phone

  • Unlimited Canada & US Calling
  • Free Keep existing number
  • Free Adapter
  • Over 40 features included
  • Smartphone App
  • Only $7.70/month

Now with these five awesome Home Phone options in the Toronto area, the question is which one will you chose eh? Happy shopping!

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