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Business Benefits of a Cloud Hosted PBX

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Benefit #1:  Keeping Cash

When moving to the cloud, you will be providing scalability.  The cloud ensures that you do not require a significant capital outlay for equipment; therefore, you will be able to retain more money in the company.  This many can be used for different features, such as growing the business instead of on-premises communication systems.

Utilizing cloud-based solutions can also reduce the number of IT staff members you require as you will receive a team of experts who are always available as part of the package.  Companies transitioning to the cloud are able to deploy IT staff to monitor all aspects of the business, regardless of whether it is administration or the creation of a web-based resource.

Benefit #2:  Disaster Protection

There are various ways in which a business could be disrupted.  By using the cloud as a form of defense, you can protect your company from these disruptions.  The cloud can assist when disruption is natural or man-made.

For example, if your power is off or your communication system is underwater, it can be difficult to make business calls.  However, when using the cloud, the operating system will be away from harm at all times.  All you need to communicate is a connection to the internet or use a smartphone to receive and make calls.  The cloud system may also provide you with an auto-attendant that can handle all the company’s call routing requirements.

Benefit #3:  On-Demand Flexibility

The costs for the cloud can be paid according to a monthly operational setup.  There are various pay-as-you-go and pay-for-what-you-need expense models that are used for cloud phone services.  This service will help the majority of companies better than a capital expense model which is used on-site and typically requires a large upfront payment.

When your company grows, or if you need to make modifications to the package according to seasonal changes, the systems can be easily adjusted.  The flexibility of the cloud ensures that the system matches your company’s requirements; you only have to buy the service when you require it.

Benefit #4:  Mobile Freedom

The cloud was developed with the mobile workforce in mind.  Its philosophy is that a company is not a place, it is all of the staff members; therefore, if you wish to achieve your goals, you need to ensure that all people are connected.

When purchasing a cloud system, you can publish a single number and have all calls redirected to the device of your choice.  Once you obtain a dual persona, you can utilize one phone for personal calls and one phone for business calls.  The business associates will see one telephone number, while your personal contacts will see the other.

Benefit #5:  An Easy Expansion For Multi-Site Companies

The cloud offers all staff members access to corporate systems, applications, and resources.  This access is not location-specific, nor is it linked to a specific device or time zone.  This means that it can operate on a multi-site company setup where the business has various options available.

If you plan to open a new office across the globe, the cloud will help you do this.  Of course, you need to ensure that the cloud service provider offers operatives in the country you wish to access.  If they do, then the software and phone numbers can be accessed from any location.

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