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Count on our experts to help you control Telecom Expenses

Introducing GoneVoIP Telecom Services. Below some of the benefits of using Gonevoip Telecom Services:


• Identify significant savings on your telecom expenses
• Review and remove unauthorized charges by identifying errors, claim refunds


• Reallocate your team to focus on your business
• Realize more efficient use of employee time


• Assure corporate business policy and regulatory compliance
• Increase accuracy in expense tracking and reporting

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is defined as “the practice that surrounds the business processes conducted by IT and finance departments to acquire the provision (and support) of corporate telecommunications assets. TEM is the build-out of services, or the acquisition of third-party services, to manage the supply chain for telecommunications.”
Telecom Expense Management began due to a need to control monthly costs associated with the use of phone lines. As we know in Canada, Telecom expenses can add up quickly!

For example, on average a company’s telecom and mobile billing can account for more than 22% of the IT budget. Making telecom expense management and cost control a mandate for any company. The fact is, the majority of business can and will save on their telecom billing by using Gonevoip’s Telecom Services.

Why pay more than you have to? On average you could save 35% of the annual telecom costs, and without having to change provider! Having said that, larger Y-o-Y savings may be realized only when switching providers.

Find below details on the services we offered:

Mobile Billing Audits

  • Reviewing and auditing past and present telecom and cellular billing
  • Recommending solutions that reduce cellular billing costs
  • Implementing cellular billing and cost-saving solutions

Internet Billing Audits

  • Making recommendations when upgrades are being considered
  • Placing cellular orders on your behalf, ensuring you receive the best value for your budget
  • Performing regular billing audits, ensuring billing compliance

Telecom Project Management

  • Plan services introduction, integration and/or migration
  • Coordination with vendors and internal resources of all activities
  • Negotiating changes, upgrades, and operational hand-over on your behalf

Telecom Consulting

  • RFI and RFP Management (local, long-distance, internet, and wireless services)
  • Services Analysis & Recommendations

The biggest difference with Gonevoip Telecom Services and other Telecom Expense Management companies is that we do not charge a percentage of your savings. With us, you will always know upfront. Fixed price and you only pay if we get your savings and/or you are satisfied with our services. Examples rates below.

  • For an individual, the rate is $60 per service, regardless of the savings we get for you.
  • For companies, audits are $265 per service regardless of the savings we get for your business.
  • For Project Management and Consultancy, these are T&M. These will be quoted after an initial FREE consultation.

It’s our goal to help every one of our clients realize efficiencies in their telecom expenditures as easily and cost-effectively as possible.

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