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The Metamorphosis of Landlines

Canadians love to communicate. That is not a secret. Today the evolving and changing telecommunications landscape offers many different ways to communicate. Though it is unavoidable to look and examine in particular the traditional phone landlines; which no matter how you look at landlines extinction is a word that comes to mind. At least for a generation.

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When To Switch Business Phone Providers

Like any product or service, not all VoIP providers were created equal. Some products and services are easy to tell good from bad, like food. You probably have a preference for where you go for a cup of coffee in the morning, but with technology solutions like VoIP, it’s a little different.

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Trends that will shape up Enterprise VoIP services in future

Technological advancements and an increase in the usage of various innovative services over different networks is driving global VoIP services and digitization market growth. Today, businesses are getting attracted to business VoIP because of its known benefits.

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Phone Power vs Comwave Phone Comparison – Revised

Comwave is one of the major VoIP providers in Canada, having first introduced telephony services to the Canadian public in 1999. But since then, many other VoIP providers have come along looking to overthrow the leaders.

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Get maximum ROI with hosted PBX

Telecommunications has brought a complete transformation in the way we communicate in a personal and professional way. Moreover, with the industry growing to the next level, cloud-based services seem to be all the rage these days and have made life even more virtual and easier.

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Home Phone Comparison – Revised

Welcome to our 2017 edition of the home telephone service comparison between traditional landline and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service providers.

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The Future of Your Business Is in the Cloud

In recent years, there’s been a rapid surge in companies adopting cloud technology, enticed by the possibility of accessing distributed computer processing and storage capabilities.

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Timing the move to the Cloud

As more and more businesses understand the many advantages of keeping vital information on the easy-to-access Cloud Drive, a Cloud-based infrastructure is becoming more and more commonplace. Despite the growing popularity, not everyone knows when to make this big switch for maximum cost-efficacy.

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The Internet of Things

The last decade has seen the Internet evolve in leaps and bounds – specifically in technologies pertaining to the cloud, big data, and pay-for-play computing services. Amazon Web Services officially launched in 2006; prior to that, on-demand utility computing services were only prevalent in university labs and high-end enterprise data centers.