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Winnipeg Goes VoIP!

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The City of Winnipeg is going VoIP and by doing so the Winnipeg Public Service estimates they’ll be saving about $1.5 million over a five-year period.

The transition will be phased over a year and is for approximately 4,000 landline telephones to VoIP. As we know the growing popularity of VoIP is increasing at the same time high-speed internet access and fiscal pressures. VoIP is the perfect solution for business in the sense that it adds features, modernizing at the same time reducing costs.

The City of Winnipeg estimates that there’ll be left around 500 devices left in analog landlines. That is due to the network not being accessible for that location or devices may be too old to work with VoIP.

Though this is not the only service Winnipeg as with VoIP since 2009 the city has been using VoIP in his 311 24/7 Contact Center. Also if we look at the south of the border the city of South Bend, Michigan switched to VoIP phone systems back in 2012.

The growing popularity of VoIP phone in residential use, businesses & corporations are making it easier for the cash strap cities to make the switch. In a way seems the road to VoIP for cities and municipalities is almost an unavoidable fact. Which city would go VoIP next? We can only guesstimate this is just the beginning of the migration off-landlines to VoIP from the public sector.

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