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Understanding VoIP Solutions for Businesses

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VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is the use of telecommunications over data resources.  VoIP is fast becoming the new standard for businesses of all sizes. There are two main ways to accomplish VoIP for your business.  Hosted PBX services are most commonly used by small and medium businesses because of the substantial cost savings associated with hosted services.  Purchasing your own phone system is another option and one that is most likely a good idea if you have a large, established company.

Cost is one of the main concerns when choosing a VoIP system.  When looking at costs it is sometimes helpful to break it down to a cost per handset or user.  This way you can more easily make comparisons between services.  Hosted services may have a one-time set-up fee or activation fee; however, this may be waived in order to get your business.  Small companies may not be able to afford the high costs associated with the purchase of a PBX system as well as trunking associated with it. Hosted solutions are often quite affordable and may offer a low monthly lease payment.

The reliability of VoIP services has always been a concern.  It is safe to say that the reliability of VoIP has become much better over the last several years. Hosted options usually have backup systems in place so that there is minimal, if any, downtime.  Today’s VoIP solutions offer a high quality of service.  You’ll likely not have any issues with delayed speech or chopping of calls.  If you have any issues, a hosted service will provide an immediate resolution.  If you own your PBX you’ll need to call a service technician to resolve your problems.

VoIP offers the greatest flexibility of any type of telecom option.  There are many features that are available to be programmed.  Features are classified as either system features or individual features.  Both can be programmed or changed easily if needed.  VoIP allows you to integrate your telephony requirements with your computer needs.  Features are always being upgraded and new options are always being added.  A hosted solution allows you to gain access to these features quickly.  When you own your system you may need to purchase a software or hardware upgrade to accommodate the latest features.  VirtualPBX, VoIP based, is a high tech option that is a good choice for all types of businesses and is especially cost-effective for small and medium-sized companies.

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