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Power Backup in a VoIP Phone Setup

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It’s often mentioned the need to have power battery backup (or UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply) as part of your VoIP set-up. This is a necessity; a small investment which will enable keep your internet and phone service operating during power blackouts. Furthermore; a UPS will protect your equipment from a power surge or other power abnormality.

We need to understand a battery backup/UPS differentiates from other auxiliary power systems (such as a generator) in that it does a seamless transition to the power feed to the devices connected to. Meaning regardless of what is coming from the power-line those attached to battery backup outlets do always receive power from the battery. For example, a generator has to kick-in after a power outage has been declared. Though also the difference is a generator may power for longer and heavier consumption equipment.

For a VOIP setup in the first order of things is to define what needs to be under the battery backup/UPS.
Typically there will be:
– Internet Hi-Speed Modem/Router (Must)
– Analog Telephone Adapter/ATA (Must)
– Wireless AP (IF so desired, maybe the same as the Internet Hi-Speed Modem)
– Cordless Phone (IF so required, though less functional to today’s standards may be a corded phone is still used)

Usually, the battery backups come with a number of outlets (typical sizes 6 to 8) having half the outlets are power surge and battery backup protected. The other half only power surge protected.
Ideally/preferably the battery backup outlets will not have connected any computer/laptop or gaming system. That is so solely the battery power is used to maintain the VoIP systems operational. While in today’s world is hard to conceive prolonged power outages, it may still happen. Thus plan for at least a couple of hours of battery power.

Here below are some recommendations for residential and small office/home office VoIP systems.

Battery Backup Residential
* CyberPower UPS 8 Outlets @ $55.99

* AmazonBasics UPS 12-Outlets @ $79.62

Battery Backup SOHO
* CyberPower UPS Battery Backup – 1500VA @ $225.36

* APC 1500VA UPS Battery Backup @ $205.99

These will keep your VoIP set-up joining for a few hours, provided you are not attaching a laptop or any other device that’ll drain the battery faster.

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