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What means Call Tracking Services?

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We hear a lot about how companies need to use call tracking to see the true value of their marketing campaigns. But what is call tracking, anyhow?

Call tracking is the process of measuring the impact of a marketing effort on lead generation and sales. It was born from evidence-based marketers’ desire for increased visibility into lead sources. If all leads and sales came from online form conversions, it would be easy to know which ads provide the best without any call tracking whatsoever.

Call Tracking solution allows you to configure your Business’ local and toll-free numbers so that you will know where calls are coming from and get enhanced information about your callers in order to make better decisions on your online and offline marketing material.

Providers are tracking the location of the calls and provide you with powerful reporting so you can better evaluate your calls and advertising.

Easily see where your calls are coming from by assigning a source to each phone number and extension. Track calls from your website, newspaper, radio, and any other source you specify.

Call Tracking reports to give you full detailed reporting of calls received filtered by source, calls received in a particular date range, callers contact information. You can even export the call data. Get call tracking reports with powerful insights into the incoming call leads. Also, you can easily setup welcome greetings your caller will hear before the call is connected or routed.

Start Tracking Calls today.

Assign a phone number to any ad or listing and measure its effectiveness.

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