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Calling Card Feature

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Many customers say to me every day: How will I make outgoing calls if I am not in the office? I need to go back to the office to have my business caller ID. The Voice over IP is not for me. I will stick with my cell phone, even if I don’t have all the features.

But – surprise… A business Phone Service Provider Based on Voice Over Ip has some features that allow you to call with your Business Caller ID and the most important minutes used with this feature are deducted from the included minutes in your plan on the account. You will not pay anything extra on your cell phone.

You can call from the hotel room, from your cell phone, from the beach, from home and all your customers will think that you are in the office, working. It is so easy, that you will never be forced to drive like crazy to be in the office just to take a call scheduled weeks before.

Another problem that I am encountering from my customers: will it be difficult? Do I need to do anything special? Do I need to pay any extra fee? No! All you need to do is to call your business name, press * for features, and keep in mind a PIN… It”s so easy… You will not pay fees- on the contrary, you will save money. It’s a free feature!

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