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Get Toronto Phone Number

There are tons of options when getting phone numbers. This was already a fact when the internet was young, but now that we are about a fifth of the way into the twenty-first century, it has become exacerbated by globalization and the slow melting of international borders.

Deciding how to pick what is best for your small business is difficult, especially in a metropolis like Toronto. You have to weigh so many different (and sometimes competing) needs and factors: price, type of use, personal vs. private, area code, mobile or landline, and how many people will be using it.

To help you out, we have decided to list the most important factors to consider (as well as to go into a little detail) when it comes to buying a Toronto phone number for your small business. Toronto Phone Numbers

The first factor you should consider is pretty straightforward and not at all difficult to comprehend: what you will be using it for. Is it going to be just you? Will you have a couple of employees, or are you possibly hoping to expand your small business in the future, wherein you will hopefully have a lot more than a few employees?

This is key because it is what will start you on your purchasing a number journey. It probably is best to leave yourself some flexibility, so you probably want to stay away from numbers that are based on something like a desk phone, which can essentially be used only by one person (whoever is sitting at the desk). It also matters if it will be a number exclusively for business.

A lot of new small business owners think it looks good to provide both personal and private numbers, but think about it- when you are shopping in your local grocery store, the cashier doesn’t give you their personal number in case you have any issues with your food, right? By and large, customers will understand if you provide one number for the business. The next is what you will be using the number for.

Is it a small business that is relatively stationary, as an accounting business? Or is it an electronics installation business, which will require you to be more on the move? Once again, the best answer here is probably flexibility.

While you might not be driving all the time, even accountants need to go place to place, and it might be good to have a business number that can move with you (as opposed to one which requires you to use your personal number when on the go, which as mentioned in the preceding paragraph is not always a great option).

Another critical aspect of things is where you will be using the number, something which has only become an issue in the age of cellphones. While obviously, you are probably going to be based somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area, beyond that it is sort of up to you. Previously, you used a number at a place of business, or home phone at, well, your home.

Nowadays though, a number can be used anywhere (depending on the kind). While you certainly can get a number based on a landline phone—yep, people still have those—that is sort of a limiting option.

You can also consider getting a special work cellphone. A lot of people elect for this option. The annoying thing, of course, is that you have to carry two mobile phones, and while mobile phones are indeed getting crazy thin, it’s never particularly fun to take into consideration battery charge times two.

Put all together, it seems that a number option that allows for maximum flexibility in terms of who is using it, what it is being used for, and where it is being used is the best. It also seems like a number option that allows you to discriminate between private and business calls would be useful.

When looked at in full, the option seems to be pretty obvious: an online phone number. Online phone numbers are incredibly easy to purchase, allow for incredible flexibility (as they can be used basically on any internet-connected device which also has full sound capabilities), and can differentiate between personal and business calls.

One of the premier online phone number companies, MightyCall, offers tons of Toronto phone numbers. Plus, MightyCall numbers come with tons of other ultra-useful features. Check it out today!

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