The Home with the Phone

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It has long been forecasted; the end of the landline, or the traditional phone. Who can argue with these predictions when you have the ever ubiquitous and ever capable Smartphone?

Let’s review why; Can a home phone take pictures and share them within seconds? Send a tweet while you are watching your favorite show? Off course not, but a Smartphone does.

The smartphone is becoming the quintessential device, most Canadian households have more than one at home. The Internet of Things, or the Connected Society, lead by Smartphones is becoming a reality. With connectivity efficient enough to control the majority of functions of your home. For instance control your thermostats, lighting and even have your fridge connected to the internet.

Though over the last decade the traditional landlines had been on the decline; the Digital Home Phone (or VoIP Phone) has been on a steady rise.

The fact is the need to make phone calls is not going away and Smartphone’s for as mighty as they are have not been made meant to make phone calls; at least not long ones and not long-distance or international calling. Typically wireless operators will use predatory pricing practices making the use of a Smartphone for phone calls almost prohibitive. At least to the extent you are limited to local calling and with time restrictions. None of these apply when using a Digital Home Phone.

Furthermore, as published last year in GreenMedInfo, using a modern Smartphone increases the amount of exposure to radiation the brain receives, which in turn may have adverse effects on the brain’s activity. Using a Digital Home Phone while @ Home, is a simple measure to reduce radiation levels one is exposed.

The best of all having a digital home phone is inexpensive. In recent comparisons made we found a Digital Home Phone is in average 148% Cheaper than a Home Phone offered by the big telecom operators. That’s big bucks savings!

Digital Home Phone Providers offers the service through the Internet, a connection that most Homes currently have. No landline hook-up. No setup fees. No contract. Plus Premium features, such as Voicemail and Caller ID, included for FREE. Canada wide and/or North American Calling is also included. No time restrictions. Keep your number, for FREE. Take your number anywhere in the world via your SmartPhone, tablet or laptop, and make calls using the calling rates of your home phone (cheaper) and say goodbye to roaming charges!

Canadians have taken notice, business has been moving to VoIP for years. The Public sector is moving too, driven by the savings the City of Winnipeg has gone VoIP, also the Government of Canada has declared a large plan to move telecommunication to the digital era.

Needless to say, The Home, will always need a Phone. Make a smart move, and have a Digital Home Phone today.

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