Canada’s Home Phone Comparison March 2014 Edition

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We are almost done with the winter, or so we expect eh? With the hope the best spring days lie ahead we have our updated Home Phone Comparison. Last summer we got a lot of attention when we published the first Home Phone Comparison, and for this March 2014 Edition we see new pricing reflected in VoIP providers. We are seeing a lot of more attention to the features offered the competition is heating up! The trend we see is that plans tend to include more features, lower monthly pricing and now is becoming a standard Canada/US calling.

Comparison March 2014

Canada’s gonevoip Comparison Chart

Note in some/most cases you still need to factor in taxes and other fees (such as shipping, 911, etc) to have a full picture of the cost, we just couldn’t fit them all of those here, considering not all providers call them the same. Though we believe it’s telling nonetheless the significant savings you could achieve with using the right VoIP provider. Even if you are already using VoIP, you could be saving even more and having even more freedom of features.

Comparison Table Mach 2014

Canada’s gonevoip Comparison Table


As you can see depending on who do you currently have and to whom do you switch to could be saving up to 90% of what you are currently spending. That is money certainly many will agree could be used elsewhere. Start by looking at Canada’s Top Residential Providers here and let the saving begin!


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