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1. They overcharge by a HUGE amount for the shitty speeds they give you. They charge over 50 dollars for 15mbps download, 1 mbps upload. YES I SAID 1. ONE. and you NEVER get the speed you pay for either. I just did a speedtest and I'm currently only getting 10mbps with .60 upload, and I'm only browsing the internet.

2. Their customer service is horrible, I have to call them ALL the damn time because of stupid internet issues forcing me to. They never fix anything, they tell you that you having under the speed you're paying for is fine. (they tell me that me getting 10mbps vs 15 is totally fine). They have a hard time realizing when it's their issue.

3. They advertise that if you call and have a billing issue, they can arrange a payment plan. That's all bullshit. Their ONLY payment plan, is paying the full amount due within 1 week or "by the end of the week" or you will get suspended. If you ask them to figure something else out or work with you a bit better, they continuously argue with you and repeat themselves like robots, saying "this is the best we can do". You don't advertise that you can do payment plans and then your only payment plan Is paying the full amount, as if I wouldn't pay it already if I could?

Currently waiting until the end of this week for my new ISP to come. I'm going with virgin mobile that gives me 50mbps download and 15mbps upload for $60. NO fees that other ISP's charge including this one. 50mbps down, 15 up vs 15 mbps down, 1 up. for only 10 dollars extra?

This company is a scam. I'll never recommend them again. You can barely understand a word the customer service people are saying either so it's not worth it to buy this service if you're broke thinking they'll fix every issue. They won't, and they charge what other companies charge for shitty speeds.
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