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very bad: I am with Axsit since 2012 (previously called VoipGo) but I am very disappointed lately, the line is cut very often, it is not reliable, this week (September 24) it's been at least 4 days that I have no line. In addition, they never notify when the line is disconnected or when they encounter technical problems, you are surprised that the line is down when you have to use the phone. However, as soon as they have a problem with your credit card for billing (this happened to me twice, when the number of my credit card had changed and the old one was blocked), they send you immediately an email to warn you that the long distance calls are blocked and the line will be cut in the next days. Bad customer service too, yesterday, after several unanswered calls, I was finally redirected to an operator who told me that they had technical issues and that the problem was going to be solved in a few hours ... today, still no line.
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