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Canada’s Home Phone Comparison Nov 2013

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Now that fall is around is a good time to look at how we could tighten the budget a little bit and see how we could be saving more dollars; more so when kids are back school and the extracurricular activities quick-in. Every dollar saved makes a difference right? check out the table below looking at the traditional providers vs VoIP providers. Who’s the winner depends ultimately in your choice; knowing how to choose a VoIP provider will ensure you – the end-user – is always the winner.

Canada Home Phone Comparison

Canada Home Phone Comparison

Note in some/most cases you still need to factor in taxes and other fees (such as shipping, 911 fee, dial tone fee, etc) to have a full picture of the cost, we just couldn’t fit them all of those here. Though we believe using the common advertised fees it’s telling nonetheless the significant savings you could achieve with using the right VoIP provider. Depending on who do you currently have and to who you switch you could be saving about 90% of what you are currently spending! That is money you could use to go shopping for the school gear or a few fill-ups to the gas-tank or… you get the picture money you could be using elsewhere. Start by looking at our Residential Providers here and let the savings begin today!

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