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Google Plus adds VoIP Calls Support

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Google has released VoIP calls for their Google+ Hangouts, but for the moment is only available to iOS users. Looks like Android users will have to wait until Android 4.4 (KitKat) is out.  KitKat will ask users to select an SMS application, possibly adding the foundation so Google+ Hangouts incorporates SMS/MMS support. The VoIP calling support in Hangouts differs from Google Voice in that it is true data only, it does not consume any minutes (G. Voice dials an internal Google number first then connects to the dialed number).  This will have the same calling characteristics as Google Voice, free calls within USA & Canada and credits are required for international calling.

In an unusual way, Google released this first on another platform iOS; perhaps all to create anticipation of what is coming with KitKat; dubbed by many as the best Android version yet.

Whatever the case with this release Google+ is catching up to Facebook’s Messenger, which earlier this year had launched/added VoIP calling.

Looks like Social Media platforms and VoIP calling integrations are here to stay.

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