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Additional features and tools thanks to VoIP

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VoIP surp ... traditional phone system solutions in two main areas: cost and customization. Traditional phone solutions need dedicated lines, costly licenses and must be serviced by a technician when any changes to the phone must be made, like moving a line or setting a new voicemail box.

VoIP solutions can be typically be serviced by on-site IT staff and utilize the same data connection as your Internet connectivity, so there is no need for an additional dedicated line.

Aside from cost savings, VoIP solutions are easy to scale and upgrade as you grow or require new features. VoIP systems offer typical phone features like:

  • Caller ID– is a feature that will show the name and number of the caller when the phone starts to ring. The name and number displayed are those associated with the line from which the call is made.
  • Call forwarding– The Call Forwarding feature allows you to transfer your calls to another phone number. You decide when you want calls forwarded. You decide where the calls go.
  • Conference calling- This service helps you communicate with your team and customers across the country and around the world. It provides you with the means to have an affordable, effective, and cost-efficient collaboration. Share, understand, impress and give instant feedback.
  • Virtual Extension– The Virtual Extensions feature gives your callers the impression of a single office even if you and your employees don’t work at the same location. You can seamlessly unify your team under one customer-friendly calling system.
  • Call Queue– Give your callers options to get them out of a hold, answer your multiple calls in the order they were received. If your callers choose to wait for you, you’ll get prompted for your extension with a beep. If multiple callers are waiting, you can answer them in the order they arrived, or cycle through them to decide which call to take first.
  • Auto Attendant– your customers get a professional greeting, wherever you are. It uses your personalized menu to answer calls, then directs callers to the appropriate person or department.
  • Automated call recording– will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls in your company and send each call’s transcript to an email address you are required to provide.

VoIP also offers exciting new features that improve the integration of your phones and other business technology:

  • Operator Panel-It displays live statuses of extensions, queues, call parking, and conferences and allow live call transfer at the push of a ... on. Since the Operator Panel is a flash-based solution it is available online and you can access it instantly from any computer with an active Internet connection.
  • CRM integration– everyone knows that integrating your Business Telephony System with your CRM or other customer management software is a big boost for the productivity of any business, but very few businesses can afford the cost of such a complicated venture.

Providers such as Versature or RingCentral will offer this integration for free to their loyal customers as we feel we can contribute to a business` success beyond offering cost-effective telecommunication services.

  • Click-to-call– When the user is navigating through the CRM modules, he can initiate a call between his extension and another party, without dialing the number on his phone dial pad, just one click to make the call.
  • Call Log– Every call can be automatically logged on CRM software and messages stored on the application.
  • Confirmation by Voice– You can set up events on the CRM that can generate calls to clients to play relevant info: We have sent you an invoice by email; your order is confirmed and will be processed during the following business day.
  • Phone generated reports– When your clients need to know any standard info about their account they can call your report number, authenticate by a PIN code and request a report of type “Summary” and period “Last month”. After the call has ended the client will receive the requested report by email in a couple of seconds, without any human intervention.
  • Calling Card– Some VoIP phone systems allow routing calls through the office phone system, so calls you to make on a mobile phone or other device look like they are coming from your office. You can also use this functionality with phone systems in multiple locations to make long-distance calls work like local calls.
  • Soft Phones – VoIP phone systems often provide special software to allow you to make calls right from your computer using a headset, with no physical hardware required. This can save on hardware costs.
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