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Advantages for Business with VoIP

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Whether an established business or a start-up there are important advantages of using Voice-Over IP (VOIP) to satisfy today’s telecommunications needs. The good old days with just a phone, hardware-based solutions with hefty long-distance charges, and with expensive faxes are gone. With VOIP today’s business telephony needs can be fully addressed, integrated fast, and seamlessly to new ever-evolving trends. Here will review some of the top reasons why using or switching to VOIP allows all types of businesses to establish a stronger presence while capitalizing on the savings.

Richness in Features

Perhaps one of the most distinctive characteristics of VOIP for business is that it brings a vast array of features. These are the features that traditionally have been priced out of range for small businesses or larger businesses had spent a good portion of their yearly budget on. With VOIP features such as Call Forwarding, Fax to Email, Call Transfer, Smartphone Apps, integration to CRM systems (such as Salesforce); Auto-Receptionist to direct inbound calls or Business SMS. These are just a small list but put all these and what you have are key enabler features for businesses to excel in their field. Only Voice-Over IP allows having it all at a fraction of the price from the traditional business (hardware-based) telephony systems.

Calling Flexibility

Another key enabler with a VOIP based solution is the ability to have an extraordinary calling flexibility. What does that translate into? Now is easier and cheaper than ever to have North American calling plans, toll-free numbers, very competitive international calling. VOIP enables a business to have local virtual phone numbers regardless of where the business is headquartered. It allows a business to grow local identities, making sure their customers always dial a local area number. Another advantage is the availability of Smartphone apps that allows mobile workforces to use unique numbers whether they are on the road or in the office.


Regardless of the business has been around for a quarter of a century or is just getting started one thing is for sure; telecommunications needs for businesses continue to grow and evolve. So it should be the solution used. VOIP enables to budgetary and painlessly grow a team, with solutions such as cloud-based PBX. This, in turn, allows the business to focus on growing their teams, either locally or worldwide.

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