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Unleash Your Business when Using VoIP

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Investment in any business, along with basic costs that are essential for the daily maintenance of business activities, also includes additional charges for communication. Indeed the organization of effective communication with customers, partners and employees are connected with lots of expenses.  The cost of business communications may be extremely high both for local and international calls in case of using traditional fixed phones.

The standard equipment for a small business used to be a two-line phone and an answering machine. Those days are long gone: Today’s small businesses embrace phone features once reserved only for the big corporations. Find-me-follow-me, selective call forwarding and simultaneous ring to the desk phone and cell phone are all standard features with today’s hosted VoIP services.

In today’s economy, successful businesses are the ones that are lean, efficient and maximize the benefits of every dollar spent. VoIP provides a clear digital signal and costs savings opportunities that were unheard years ago. Whether it’s inbound toll-free or long distance, when using voice over IP the telephony costs do continue to drop.

Businesses are always up for making their ventures more profitable and less costly to operate. One way of achieving that is by switching the technology for a particular process and save money. Businesses have been using VoIP for many years now and each day many new entrepreneurs are embracing this technology for the benefits that it is capable of offering. Here is a quick review of how VoIP can be beneficial for businesses.

Replacing traditional telephone systems with business VoIP ones may be a great asset for businesses to significantly reduce telecommunication costs. VoIP is a worthwhile communication solution driving greater efficiency, improved performance and big cost savings. 

Low-cost phone calls

VoIP based telephone network transfers calls over the Internet as a result of which calling rates become dramatically lower. Many providers offer Canada wide calling included in a monthly service fee, effectively removing the costly barrier imposed by long distance.

One other facility that is mostly in use by the business VoIP users is the use of local numbers at international destinations. For example, if you have your main office in Toronto with branch offices in New York, London, and Frankfurt, all you need is three extra VoIP numbers for a Toronto area code. All the calls that you will make from your Toronto office to any of the offices with the Toronto VoIP phone number will be considered local phone calls and will also be charged as local calls despite the fact that you are calling international destinations.

Modern equipment

The deployment of VoIP services can save businesses a significant amount of resources. Unlike ordinary telephone systemsbusiness VoIP phones may easily be expanded without the need to add extra wires every time a new telephone is to be switched to the network. The system is accessible from all business locations and does not require establishing multiple wires separately for all telephones.

VoIP can also support multiple extensions which, in turn, saves time and resources for establishing additional lines. Incoming calls can easily be forwarded to the desired extension number running on any communication device. Paying for one line instead of two also lowers monthly phone payments.

VoIP allows business professionals to free themselves from the typical office cubical. Sales reps can have their calls forwarded to their cell phones in the field. Realtors can handle new inquiries and customer service calls while attending a showing.  Insurance Brokers could be receiving a fax on a pdf format on a mobile device. Mortgage Brokers can have multiple local area phone numbers to facilitate access and create a local presence image. Managers can easily allow some agents to work from home but still maintain their connection to the office phone system.  Moving companies can easily get in touch with on the field personal, no matter where they are; either within the city, the country or overseas. In other words, possibilities are endless. Keep in mind all this modernity coming at little to no cost at all as the majority of business VoIP providers support these advantages as part of the standard package.

Upper Hand On Maintenance

Maintenance-related issues and costs are also eliminated since they are usually covered directly by the VoIP provider itself. Technical malfunctions are fixed by the support team bringing your efforts to the minimum.

VoIP has evolved as a reliable communication technology that is capable to drastically cut costs of both domestic and long-distance calls. It has become a cost-saving alternative to traditional landline phone services and is currently being widely deployed by lots of businesses. Business VoIP solutions help to more effectively manage business communication bringing significant benefits for any kind of enterprise.

Gone are the days of having to call the “phone guy” who used to maintain the phone system. Remember those days when every time an employee joined, or had to move an extension or wanted to change the prompts in the IVR, there was the guy with the tool belt. Landline phone took a lot of effort to add or delete phone users; along that effort was the cost. This makes it a less ideal phone service to be used by expanding businesses. Now with a hosted PBX VoIP, business owners can take back control of their phones. It is easy to make changes with just a few clicks through a web portal.

One key aspect in business VoIP is that the control on how and when to scale the phone service up or down is purely based on the business needs and has zero to little impact on costs. Have you unleash your business yet?

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