Multiple SIMs phenomenon for Long Distance Calling

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Late last year Rebtel realized a research in the UK studying the usage of a 2nd SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to make international calls. The research shows shocking number of people, immigrants or first British generation relay on having an extra phone to call their relatives. In the study for example they discovered 81% of Nigerians living in UK have a 2nd mobile to call back home; and interestingly 85% also have a Smartphone. Also they found that to maintain that 2nd mobile users will have to 192 pounds (CAD$298!) a year for an average of 40 hours of talking. Based on the study Rebtel did, users end-up paying 44% more for their calls by using a 2nd SIM/mobile.

As mentioned as 85% of these users do have the ability to make cheap international calls using Mobile VOIP apps from their Smartphone. Mobile VOIP works the same as VOIP. The app can be in the form of a dialer that allows outbound calls only or can be both outbound/inbound calling. Some of the apps allow having integration with your home phone, seeing our Top Residential Providers.

For long distance calling you can check our Top Long Distance Providers, these have apps available for a variety of Smartphone platforms and models. Using the app will consume your data plan, but it will not be much as VOIP does not require much bandwidth. That can vary depending on usage off-course; i.e.: app is not in use all the time.

The advantages of using VOIP for long distance calling are that is cost effective, convenient as may be used by different platforms (Smartphone app, Desktop, Web Phone, landline) and last but not least the rates are very competitive.

Rebtel is the 2nd largest mobile voip provider after Skype. HQ in Stockholm, Sweden in where in 2012 was awarded as Telecom Company of the year.

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