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Cheap Long Distance Calls to China

VoIP technology makes it easier than ever before to make international long distance calls to China. Today we’ll compare the rates of some of our long-distance and residential providers against the traditional Canadian telecom providers. Provider Landline Rate Mobile Rate Connection Fee Localphone 1.2 cents 1.2 cents $0 Skype 1.9...

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Using Virtual Numbers (VoIP’s Virtuosity)

One of the things very common to see as part of a Provider’s offer nowadays is Virtual Numbers. Though what are these numbers and why they are called ‘virtual’? Well, these are called ‘Virtual’ (or Extra) Numbers because they are not directly associated with a real telephone line. In fact, Virtual Numbers are forwarded to ring to some other...

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Fongo bids for Wind Mobile Canada

Once upon a time the wireless startup known as Wind Mobile, know Freedom Mobile, was about to change hands. Fongo, part of Fibernetics group HQ in Cambridge ON, released at the time a press released detailing a bid, an attempt more than anything serious. Fongo Inc. offers is to pay $1 and swap 49 percent of its equity for control of the start-up wireless...

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Ooma Enters the Small-Business Segment

Ooma, the maker behind the Telo all-in-one solution is making a move into the small –business territory. Last January, during CES in Las Vegas Ooma presented Ooma Office. The service is catered to small enterprises looking for plug & play solutions; those businesses that have from 1 to 10 employees. Ooma’s Office can grow up to 5 phone...

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Dual SIM or Mobile VoIP for Long Distance Calling

Late last year Rebtel realized research in the UK studying the usage of a 2nd SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) to make international calls. The research shows a shocking number of people, immigrants or first British generation relay on having an extra phone to call their relatives. In the study, for example, they discovered 81% of Nigerians living in the UK...

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Advantages for Business with VoIP

Whether an established business or a start-up there are important advantages of using Voice-Over IP (VOIP) to satisfy today’s telecommunications needs. The good old days with just a phone, hardware-based solutions with hefty long-distance charges, and with expensive faxes are gone. With VOIP today’s business telephony needs can be fully addressed...

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Prepaid Phone Cards or VoIP Phone Calls?

Many still rely on the utilization of Calling Cards or more appropriately called prepaid calling phone cards. These cards can offer significant savings, however, these do come with several caveats (read fees) here below we detail some of the most common fees, believe or not this not a complete list! Connection Fee: At the beginning of each call the...

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Localphone wins 2013 Best Consumer VoIP Award

Earlier Localphone won the Award of Best Consumer VOIP – the award is given by the ITSP (Internet Telephony Services Providers Association) The ITSP was formed in 2004 and is based in London, UK. ITSP represents all UK-based network operators, service and/or VOIP providers that serve business and residential consumers in the UK, European Union and beyond...

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Facebook Messenger jumps on VoIP’s bandwagon

Here’s a treat for us Canucks – the biggest social network of it all Facebook as made available through Facebook Messenger for Android and for iPhone VOIP calling to contacts for free. The App uses the mobile data plan and early usage reports indicate a similar call quality of those seen with Skype or other similar VOIP calling applications. In Canada...