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Today’s businesses require affordable, dependable phone systems meeting the demands of changing technology. The right business phone system plays a major role in providing effective communication with your customers, as well as your team and suppliers. This vital communication is the lifeline of every business large or small. The good news is that business phone systems have become much more affordable and are easier to manage thanks to business Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With many options available GoneVoIP makes it easy to find the best option in your area.

Maple Leaf

Best Business Phone Providers Canada

63 Reviews


  • Trusted by 300K+ Businesses
  • Unlimited Calls, Fax & SMS (CA/US)
  • Price Matching!
  • More Details
Monthly: $19.99

Setup: FREE

35 Reviews


  • Advanced call analytics and business phone features
  • Canadian-based service and support
  • Custom API and CRM integrations
  • More Details
Monthly: $19.99

Setup: FREE

MightCall Bussines Phone
8 Reviews


  • Unlimited Users
  • Two Numbers
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • More Details
Monthly: $12.50

VoIP Much Phone Company
15 Reviews


  • Free Canada & US Calling, Free E911
  • 25+ Free Features, No Contract, 100% Canadian
  • Keep your existing numbers (free)
  • More Details
Monthly: $17.11

Setup: FREE

CIK Telecom Business Solutions
0 Reviews
  • QoS Guaranteed
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • More Details
Monthly: $14.99

Telehop Business Services
2 Reviews


  • North American Long Distance Included
  • Hosted Seats start at $15.95!
  • Hosted in Canada
  • More Details
Monthly: $24.95

Setup: May Apply

Virtual PBX
0 Reviews
  • Follow-Me Calling
  • ACD Queues/Ring Groups
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • More Details
Monthly: $16.20

Setup: FREE

Phone Power Small Business
3 Reviews


  • Exclusive Discount Coupon!
  • Free Number Porting & Fax to Email
  • Free Canada/US Calling + 60 Int. Min.
  • More Details
Monthly: $8.33

Setup: FREE

0 Reviews
  • Advanced Voicemail
  • Unlimited US & Canada
  • Free Inbound SIP Address
  • More Details
Monthly: $20

Setup: FREE

Advantages of a VoIP based Business Phone System

VoIP business systems are highly adaptable allowing them to accommodate a single phone line or 999. All organizations from corporations to institutions can benefit from business VoIP phone services.

A VoIP business phone system operates through a broadband internet connection as opposed to a traditional phone line. This allows your company to use it anywhere in the world without changing your phone number. These digital phone systems for business are hyper-portable keeping in line with the demand for smaller, more mobile business phone systems. VoIP also makes integrations with business support systems a snap including:

  • Sales Force
  • Fresh Books
  • Workday
  • Oracle
  • Outlook
  • Zoho CRM
  • And more
VoIP systems are also referred to as hosted PBX (private branch exchange), virtual PBX or cloud-based communications. This means your business phone service is hosted in the provider’s cloud and the telephony is supplied as a service. Hence part of your IT infrastructure connects to a server in the provider’s data center via the internet. This server acts as your own dedicated PBX and will route all your incoming and outgoing calls complete with special features and integrations. A hosted PBX business phone system is convenient, cost-effective and better for the environment.

A great advantage of having a VoIP business office phone system is that providers often take care of everything for you making installation simple. Installations and integrations are far more manageable, especially when compared to the more complicated resources required to install traditional telecom systems.

Multiple Features & Long Distance Calling

Traditionally only large business office phone systems had access to high-demand features such as auto attendants, ring groups and music on hold. Thanks to business VoIP based phone systems features are now available to any sized business. Many providers include 30 plus distinctive features in the monthly fees making business VoIP an affordable option. You can expand productivity with features that lighten the workload for your team while saving money in the process. Traditional analog systems tend to be rather expensive with limited features.

This makes VoIP based business phone systems a logical choice for organizations of all sizes and industries from corporations to doctor’s offices and schools to small businesses. You also save on long distance calls whether you are calling in Canada, or around the world.

If you are looking for an affordable business phone system for your company, GoneVoIP provides the best VoIP business phone providers in Canada for your convenience.
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