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Better VoIP Testing and Monitoring through Location-Based Testing Servers

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There are several tools for testing and monitoring your VoIP service. This ranges from Network Analyzers and VoIP Analyzers to Probes and such. Of these, VoIP Analyzers – such as VoIP Spear –are the best options for residential and business VoIP users. These VoIP monitoring tools provide you with your Mean Opinion Score (MOS), based on factors like packet loss, latency, and jitter, without compromising your user experience.

Of course, there are qualities that differentiate one VoIP Analyzer from another. One of the things you need to consider is if your selected VoIP testing service can monitor your service based on your location, especially if the majority of your VoIP calls come from your region.

Any testing is good – yes. At least, you get an estimation of how your VoIP service performs at key times of the day. However, you get a better picture of your VoIP performance if the tests also consider your location, local time, typical VoIP traffic profile, among other factors.

A piece of recent great news is that VoIP Spear, a VoIP monitoring company that has been featured in Gone VoIP a couple of times, has expanded its VoIP testing network to include new servers in Europe, Asia, and South America, aside from North America. Users can now select a testing server locations for each of their endpoints. They can expect more reliable VoIP performance profiles.

Using your location to determine your testing server shouldn’t be the default setting though. If, say, you’re a BPO with business and calls that originate mostly from North America, then using North American VoIP monitoring servers is a good way to profile your VoIP performance.

Remember: monitoring your VoIP service is a minimum. This is something that you should do if you want to make the most of your service. It’s a plus if you can customize your monitoring service to select location-based testing servers.

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