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VoIP @ Learning Institutions

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These days communication plays an essential role in any kind of organization. The need for effective communications between members of an organization is of paramount importance. It’s the reason why choosing the right communication system is so critical and may mean the difference in a more productive and enhanced collaboration.

Business Voice Over IP systems make communication much easier, they are cheaper, have faster and deeper integrations and in general, are more effective for organizations. Take as an example the City of Winnipeg in Manitoba. Which last year decided to move 4,000 landlines to VoIP, mainly due to cost savings and enhancing capabilities.

Though business VoIP is not exclusive to industries related to commerce or governmental institutions; it does also applies to learn establishments. The role of communication in educational establishments is significant for the continued interconnection with teachers, staff, students, and parents.

Taking into consideration the growing trends and innovations in educational systems, VoIP is an excellent option for providing possibilities to have advanced and engaging learning methods. Such as parent(s) participation and/or long-distance learning. Which has become ever so more popular in the last several years. Tools that have VoIP embedded such as Facebook Messenger or Google Hangouts or Skype do make Long distance learning a very affordable alternative. Creating and allowing interactions that in the past were not possible. Long Distance learning comes very handy for all the students who are away from school or otherwise cannot be physically present in the class. In this case, virtual lessons over long distances may be easily organized due to video streaming and VoIP technology which ensures real-time connection with classmates and full integration into the learning activities.

VoIP has the fundamental ability to increase the scope of collaboration to levels never seen before. This is the more important aspect as Education institutions can leverage VoIP’s flexibility, ease of integration with existing systems and enabling many other options for learning purposes. Students may be capable to enjoy being able to take part in international courses, cl ... and/or seminars with educational institutions overseas.

Keeping in touch with parents, teachers and school staff, in general, is also made easier due to VoIP phone systems. In order not to run from this classroom to the other or head of department every time, staffers may use VoIP phones to simplify this process for them. VoIP phones placed in the classroom will also allow teachers to contact parents immediately from the classroom in case of necessity to easily and quickly keep them informed about school happenings. This type of communication offers more flexibility and convenience saving both time and money.

Managing a traditional phone system is always more expensive and time-consuming especially when this refers to medium to large organizations. Going back to the City of Winnipeg example, the City estimated they will be saving about a quarter of a million-dollar per year. But also VoIP based phone systems do make call management more efficient. Bringing significant cost savings for educational institutions (schools, colleges & universities) since the management may be delegated and be in the cloud.

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