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Things Business Leaders Say to Avoid VoIP

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We should all know that it’s impossible to avoid the inevitable. Sometimes there are things in life that cannot be overlooked or evaded. Business leaders already have so much on their plates that this avoiding act can be a tempting alternative to simply dealing with the issue at hand. One example: Dealing with the telephony infrastructure that their company’s communications depend on.

Business leaders should keep this top-of-mind, but it’s also something that can easily slip through the cracks. If you’ve ever considered the below thoughts, then you may be needlessly putting off migration:

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”: This age-old saying is true—that is, unless fixing it could provide cost savings and put you on par with the majority of your competitors. Migrating to VoIP doesn’t mean that something has to be wrong with your existing infrastructure. Your legacy system may work just fine, but you could be achieving much more efficiency with business VoIP.

“I can’t afford it”: This is perhaps the most common excuse in the book when, in actuality, the time spent migrating to VoIP will nine times out of 10 save your company more money than it currently dishes out. Money may be tight in your corporate budget, and that’s exactly why businesses can invest in a comprehensive, readily-available VoIP solution that serves as a cost-efficient alternative.

 “I don’t want to do a rip and replace”: When someone mentions VoIP, you may quickly counter with, “But I want to use my existing phones!” The best thing about VoIP is that you don’t need to do a full rip and replace and you can keep your existing phones. Besides the cost, if you dread the time, effort and money involved with having to remove the physical hardware in-house and replace it (who wouldn’t?),  remember that you can take the VoIP route without an IP phone system. We repeat: you don’t have to do a rip and replace unless you want to.

There’s really no excuse for putting off your business VoIP migration any longer.

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