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Reducing Your Monthly Mobile Costs

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Canadians have a lot to be proud of, from our economy to our multicultural identity to our successful implementation of socialized medicine throughout the country. Canada remains one of the wealthiest countries with one of the highest ratings for quality of life. We also pay some of the highest prices for mobile phone plans, and while we’re proud to be at the top of many lists, we wouldn’t mind finding our way down the rungs of this one.

Not only are Canadians paying more for their cell phone plans, but they’re paying more for some of the worst services in the industrialized world. According to recent reports, Canada’s average cell phone plan ends up costing customers $67.50 per month. Compared with the United State’s $59.99, the United Kingdom’s $32.40, and India’s $12.90, Canada has a lot of room for improvement and a lot of places to look to for examples of ways to cut cell phone plan costs for consumers.

In time, government regulations and increased competition may lead to lower prices that match other developed nations, but bureaucracy happens slowly, and until the prices start going down, we suggest you take matters into your hands. By following these tips for lowering your cell phone costs, we hope to help you lower your monthly cell phone bill without sacrificing the things you find essential to your own communication and lifestyle.

Pay Attention To the Competition

They say knowing is half the battle, so by simply being aware of the high cost of cell phone plans, you can help yourself make informed decisions. Look at each company, taking into account your own personal communication needs, and compare prices before making any decisions. It can be easy to get swept up by phone salespeople, but make sure to hold your ground until you’ve asked all the important questions and found the best plan for you.

Know Yourself

Everyone’s cell phone habits are different. If you tend to use more data than minutes, make sure to find a plan that reflects this preference. If you’re consistently going under on your available minutes, see if you can cut down on your minutes to save money each month. Different companies offer different options for group plans, so if you’re planning on adding a family to your plan, see which plans might be the fittest to your needs.

Stick with a Prepaid Plan

While these prepaid plans are increasingly hard to find, they can be a great option for people whose cell phone usage is inconsistent. Because the plan comes with no contract, customers add minutes and data only as needed, and they don’t end up paying for unused monthly data and minutes. With prepaid plans, you only pay for what you use, and there are no hidden contract fees, which can add up quickly over time. No surprise overage fees. No fees for ending your service. Just what you need, when you need it.

Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Data charges can add up fast, and the penalties for going over can be astronomical. While you can’t use Wi-Fi all the time, you can make it your go-to option for using the Internet on your phone. Make sure your phone remembers your Wi-Fi passwords for your home, work, in-laws’ house, favorite coffee shop, etc., and never pay for data at any of these places again. While you may be out of luck when you’re somewhere without available Wi-Fi, you can save loads of money by being conscious of your option to use free Wi-Fi when it is available to you. Who knows, you may be able to cut your data usage down to the next lowest plan, which would save you a nice chunk of change every month.

Try A Mobile App

If you’re spending money on long-distance phone calls, A Mobile Long Distance calling App might be the perfect option to help save you money. There are Apps you can use with any cell phone plan, which allows you to make long-distance phone calls at great rates. Unlike many cell phone long distance plans, Apps based Long Distance offers the same great low prices regardless of the time of day. With an App, such as Localphone, you avoid paying extra on long-distance calls during peak hours, and you only pay for the minutes that you use.

Try Callback

The Callback Access Number allows users to turn their outgoing calls into incoming airtime minutes. Because some plans treat ingoing and outgoing calls differently, Callback uses special access numbers to turn an outgoing call into an incoming one, which means you won’t be charged the expensive outgoing rate. Callback’s services are easy to use and can end up saving you tons of money just by accommodating your existing plan. With a Callback, you can make your existing plan work for you. By using these services, you can adjust your plan to accommodate the reduced number of outbound minutes needed, and you’ll pay much less than you were back when inflated mobile long-distance minutes seemed like the only option. That’s what we call a deal.

It’s easy to get frustrated when dealing with big companies who are making so much money off of your expensive cell phone bill, but by following these tips, you can bring your monthly rate down while still enjoying the data and minutes you need.

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