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Home Phone Comparison 2016 Edition

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It is the return of the clash between traditional home phones, and digital (VoIP) phone lines! We have about a million VoIP (Digital) phone lines in Canada. With some estimated 17 Million, traditional landlines still remaining in Canada’s households is a clash that will only see one side win. Traditional landlines had been losing ground for the past few years. The question is how fast or soon the full transition will happen. From what we have seen, the move to Digital (VoIP) is only accelerating. One of the traditional caveats of Digital (VoIP) was that Centrally Monitored Alarm Services might not work. Though times have changed, technology did evolve, and now is no longer an issue seen as a limitation. Alarm Companies, in fact, claim the Alarm System will work with your Digital (VoIP) line as long as your Internet connection available. Some even offer wireless connectivity as a backup.

With that said, for the year 2016 it would seem that traditional home phones have perhaps lost their way, whatever progress made in 2015 is lost in shades of the past. As the summer of 2016 dwindles close to an end – Canadians are looking forward to cutting costs wherever they can to accommodate other expenditures that come into play. With that being said, we take it upon ourselves to share vital information about the home phone, and how Digital (VoIP) pricing works, so that potential customers, like you, on the hunt for promising phone service can have the best possible insight before making a decision.

Comparison Table

It is not surprising at all that traditional home phones are still more expensive than VoIP phone solutions. Though some of the traditional home phone companies such as Shaw have been making progress in terms of providing customers with all-inclusive plans. Even then Shaw’s plans aren’t closer in line with the prices of the Digital (VoIP) phone providers.  One very noticeable difference that still remains apart from the pricing, is the parsimony about adding inclusive features in traditional home phones.

Most of the  Digital (VoIP) providers offer features such as call block, call forwarding, and voicemail inclusive to their plans. However, the traditional home phone providers provide them with excess charges! Such as an add-on or part of a monthly cost package. The monthly ‘extra features’ packages on their own could jack-up the monthly fee by $10 or $20 or more!

The comparison table doesn’t, however, account for other factors such as 911 charges, taxes, set up charges, and many other factors that are far too differentiating to include a viable comparison. However, this comparison takes into account the key information that defines the mindset a provider has towards its customers. It would seem that VoIP providers are working much harder to gain credibility, as well as the trust of potential customers. Furthermore, the difference in savings is gigantic, and choosing between a traditional home phone line, and a Digital (VoIP) phone line can equal up to $100s in savings!

For users who are currently in the services of a Digital (VoIP) provider, this comparison is a great insight into finding another VoIP provider who can better accommodate not only your VoIP and telecommunications needs but can also assist in keeping your wallet a little healthier. For those who are also looking to save money on internet services, the following link can be of great use – internet for VoIP digital home phone, furthermore, customers should know exactly what they need to be aware of before making a choice in regards to a home phone or internet service, hence we have a great checklist to help you cover all of your bases, and know exactly what to look for! Lastly, for anyone who isn’t in tune with the emergency calling intricacies of Digital (VoIP) systems, this link can offer substantial knowledge on how it works, as well as the pros and cons! So there you have it. The Digital (VoIP) home phone once again topple over the traditional home phone giants, until next year & happy shopping!

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