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Facebook Messenger jumps on VoIP’s bandwagon

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Here’s a treat for us Canucks – the biggest social network of it all Facebook as made available through Facebook Messenger for Android and for iPhone VOIP calling to contacts for free. The App uses the mobile data plan and early usage reports indicate a similar call quality of those seen with Skype or other similar VOIP calling applications. In Canada we had been lured with the Facebook Messenger with Free VOIP calls available for iPhone and Android; at the moment in the US is only available for iPhone. Is not the first time Facebook uses Canada as their first launch market, on early January ’13 Facebook first launched Facebook Messenger VOIP calls for iPhone in Canada first. We love Facebook recognizes VOIP calling potential and more so that it uses Canada to introduce it first. We expect this to become extremely popular over the next couple of years amongst youth, one day apps like Facebook Messenger could very possibly remove altogether the need of voice-plans. Though for that to happen have to perfect the service first include voicemail, 911 calling and such. Not quite there with this Facebook Messenger update, at least not yet. We’ll see the Facebook Messenger update including VOIP free calls available for more devices and markets throughout this year.

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