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The Best Residential Internet Providers in Canada

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find home internet providers that are affordable and speedy. An internet service provider, or ISP, provides you with the services required to access the internet. Although Canadians are some of the most frequent internet users in the world, we tend to have the slowest connections and the most expensive plans. Need to say that again, Canadians have some of the most expensive residential internet plans in the whole world.

Part of the challenge is the telecom status-quo. There are a few Canadian ISP’s that dominate each market, forcing potential customers to choose one or the other. However, there are far more alternatives, more providers than people might think. That is because the big telecom works hard to keep the oligopoly as-is. The truth is that in Canada all the main media advertising channels are owned by the big telecom companies. Hence, one of the ways the big telecom leverage their market dominance is by saturating the advertising channels. Thus creating a public perception that there may be no alternatives.

But there are. This is where we come in. GoneVoIP helps to find more options; also provides cost-effective solutions that are as or even speedier. Review customer experience, appreciate the overall customer sentiment towards a provider based on five years trend. Finally, and perhaps what is best,  if undecided to switch you may want to request Free Home Internet service quotes from several Residential internet providers. This helps you in analyzing the best offers around your area.

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Home Internet Services Your Way

As mentioned, it is easy for consumers to be lured into signing contracts with one of the two big players. They tend to offer the most accessible services with more aggressive advertising. As these contracts are binding, they can keep customers tied to the same provider for years. The good news is, there are many other home internet providers that offer comparable internet services that are both dependable and affordable. These services are available across Canada and are designed to offer more bandwidth which equals more speed. They also offer you the option to pay for services your way, whether you are happy with a contract, are looking for bundling deals, or want to buy home internet services that are contract-free. You get the services you want, your way and at fees, you can afford.

The Benefit of the Local Home Provider

There are literally hundreds of home internet providers available each with their own benefits. For the best home internet service providers, your choices vary based on your location and needs. GoneVoIP specializes in helping you find local providers as they will have their services set up to suit your specific community. This is not to say that going with a national company is bad, it just makes it easier to look at all the options based in your area. You can also choose between DSL and cable. DSL uses your telephone line, while the cable is through the same line as your television cable. This is why many people end up choosing a bundling option as it combines all the services you need in one easy payment. However, always look at exactly what you are getting before you decide. You should always compare home internet service providers, so you can make an informed decision and not get locked into a service that doesn’t meet your needs.

For your convenience, we have gathered together a list of the best home internet providers in your area, based on customer experience, value, and customer satisfaction. We have also provided our customer ratings in hand with customer reviews. Reviews are key to any product or service as they offer advice from fellow consumers, so you know what to expect from your user experience. Want to continue shopping? See our complete list of providers in your area.

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