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Vbuzzer is the creation of Softroute Corporation. Softroute was established in 2002 to develop internet calling routing technologies. In the process they created what today is known as Vbuzzer, originally conceived to be PC-to-PC, and later evolved to be PC-to-Telephone to become the VoIP Provider today is. Softroute is HQ in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

The software application continues to be the strong-hold for Vbuzzer, having integration to send SMSs internationally. The subscribers may purchase Vbuzzer 'credits' to complete Long Distance calls, similar as with Skype and other apps. Though the practice seems to be controversial as many users reviews complains with regards to billing practices.

In terms of the plans for VoIP services the North America plan is more expensive when compared to Phone Power; and while it has some good features it is largely basic features such as caller id and enhanced voicemail. Customers VBuzzer Reviews attest call quality as Home Phone alternative is still a work in progress. Shall be noted there is  the flexibility of BYOD and Web Call.

The Vbuzzer software application has been often known to be unstable, as Vbuzzers reviews report software crashes, which often leads to also reporting bad experience with VBuzzer's support services.

August 14, 2014
Submitted by: Adrian Gonera (Scarborough, ON)
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Holding my number hostage

I've been a vbuzzer customer for about 5 years. While the service is not unreliable there have been periods where it just doesn't work right. I'm using the same voip adapter with other providers that are nearly flawless so i know it's not my end.

What i really want to expose is the the most bizarre and deceptive business practice i've ever encountered anywhere. Towards the end of my 5th, 12 month term, i decided to port my number to another provider. There was still money in the account and vbuzzer had my credit card info, and the account was in good standing and at that point, still active.

To my surprise, the port took several days, and eventually failed. Turns out vbuzzer decided to stop offering yearly plans, and the phone number was automatically deactivated with the plan. It took two weeks to get a hold of someone there to investigate the reason. Their web support tools didn't work, and all emails to their support inbox were bouncing back undelivered. Finally when the request was answered, i learned that to get my number back I would be charged a "$25 number restore fee". This is the number i've had with this company for 5 years. They won't budge and are not interested in helping me out.

This blows my mind. It seems they're just trying to extort an extra fee before i leave. By they way they also will not refund any of my now pay as you go credits either.

Can't recommend a business attempting these types of tactics with their long term customers. There are too many voip providers that offer great services at reasonable prices and don't treat their customers like garbage.
March 16, 2014
Submitted by: Suzy Que (Toronto, ON)
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VBUZZER not to be trusted

VBUZZER is not a good voip provider. They are not to be trusted. They have many complaints of fraudulent credit card charges and you cant reach them and they refuse to refund. They rip off their customers and are very hard to deal with. Look elsewhere for voip services.
October 18, 2013
Submitted by: McD (Toronto, ON)
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Not a good app - will pass on the service

Was seriously considering a switch, but figured first try the vbuzzer messanger app to get a taste of what is like. Oh boy - had not even dialled anything and crashed my droid! Tried getting support to no avail. Based on their messenger app call quality was decent but the frequency of crashed (while it was only supposed to be running, not even on a call!) and lack of support means will take a pass to VBuzzer, at least for now.

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