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Welcome to our Home Internet Blog. We understand how hard and tedious it can be to go searching for each company’s website and researching phone and internet rates. This is where we come in, GoneVoIP is an internet search platform where you can find information about different Internet Telecom Service Providers. Our goal is to make it easier for you to review and compare phone/internet providers available in Canada, so you can choose what’s best for you.

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Netflix Without Borders

Netflix has started to block users from accessing out-of-country versions of their accounts. This may come as a scare to Canadians who regularly tap into the US version of Netflix to access a larger variety of content. This action comes on the heels of Netflix’s big announcement that it will be expanding services to over 160 countries.

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Confessions after going VoIP

Going VoIP is an adventure worth having. Here is my experience: once upon a time in the beautiful province of British Columbia, home telephone service was monopolized by Telus (formerly known as BC Tel). When the telephone industry was deregulated by the CRTC in 1985, many telephone companies emerged. However, none of them were able to challenge Telus...

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DSL, Cable or Fiber: What Do You Need for VoIP

One of the first decisions you need to make when you want to switch to VoIP is your network connection. What service should you get for the type and amount of digital communications you intend to do? What is the right fit for your home or business? A homeowner or a small- to medium-scale business operator typically has three choices: DSL, Cable, or Fiber...

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VoIP is About Making Life Easy

The fully automated house, where a robot maid makes breakfast and grooming equipment picks an outfit, and gets you ready, is still just science fiction, right? Not exactly. You might still need to pick out your own clothes, but breakfast could be waiting for you in the morning, along with a hot cup of coffee and a shower already warmed up to the perfect...

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Evaluating Your Internet Service and Provider

The problems you experience with your Internet service are nothing new. It’s a subject matter so over-studied in the last decade, we thought we’d review just how much Canadians are being gouged on bandwidth, overage fees, and general service.

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A Glimpse of the Future: Public Wi-Fi for All

In an ultra-connected future, internet access – through public Wi-Fi – is free. This opens up other possibilities, such as free telecommunications through mobile VoIP, unlimited chat and email, access to the internet, among other things.

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Internet Bandwidth for VoIP

You may have been considering moving or switching your phone to Voice Over IP and have a basic understanding that this implies the use of the internet connection. Here we’ll review the typical characteristics of your internet connection. You need to consider having a broadband internet connection; meaning a high-speed connection. If you have a dial-up...

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Canadian Telecom: Need Better Service Providers

Enter a Canadian telecommunication store, and you’re immediately hit by the cool aesthetic of neutral background colors and brightly lit smartphone displays. At first glance, it’s easy to think mobile technology is all they have to sell, while TV, Internet, and Voice products are fairly unimportant. It would require digging deeper into the store –...

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Better VoIP Testing and Monitoring through Location-Based Testing Servers

There are several tools for testing and monitoring your VoIP service. This ranges from Network Analyzers and VoIP Analyzers to Probes and such. Of these, VoIP Analyzers – such as VoIP Spear –are the best options for residential and business VoIP users. These VoIP monitoring tools provide you with your Mean Opinion Score (MOS), based on factors like...

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Telecom: The industry that changed the way we socialize

Ever since the first mobile call was made in 1973  the progress in telecommunications technology has never stopped. In fact, it has led to significant advancements boosting almost every industry imaginable, changing the way we interact with it other and radically changing the way we work. Whole industries have been the benefactors of the telecommunication...