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The Most Powerful VoIP Star Codes Unleashed

All the features, known as “calling features” on VoIP lines are available as star codes. To use the VoIP star codes simply put the phone on speaker mode, and then dial the “*” followed by two or three digits codes. Most residential VoIP providers use two digits. On the other hand business providers will extend to up to 3 digits.

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2019 Excellent Choice Award Announcement

GoneVoIP, a specialized media company helping Canadians chose internet and phone providers announced today the winners of the 2019 EXCELLENT CHOICE AWARD.

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Understanding VoIP Solutions for Businesses

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is the use of telecommunications over data resources.  VoIP is fast becoming the new standard for businesses of all sizes. There are two main ways to accomplish VoIP for your business.  Hosted PBX services are most commonly used by small and medium businesses because of the substantial cost savings associated with...

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Do we need Landline for the home/business or just Mobile Phones are fine?

In the era of the almighty Smartphone seems a counter-intuitive question to ask. BUT it is worth examining the facts. Many homeowners who have yet to migrate to VoIP wonder if it would be easier to have their daily telecommunications needs solely based on mobile phones. For all intents, it is a very valid question, as traditional pots (non-VoIP) land-line...

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VoIP Router Tune-Ups

Holidays are supposed to be a lot of fun. But for the most part, it is also a time of stress and frustration. Pain points range from traffic to shopping frenzies and missed travel connections. You do not want to add VoIP-phone problems to this. Here are a few tips on how to fine-tune your VoIP in time for the holidays. Monitor Your VoIP Service This should...

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Why choose a Canadian Business VoIP provider?

Every business needs a phone system, and more and more companies are choosing to go with a Hosted solution. How do you choose which one is right for you whether you’re in Victoria, Fort McMurray, Winnipeg, London, Ottawa, Montreal or Halifax? Let’s narrow it down: Choose a Canadian company! Why is that important? In an increasingly global marketplace...

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Canada tops the list in unfair Telecom rates

Canadians are well aware that the country is # in…. sometimes having very unfair mobile calling rates. How can we spend as little as possible on mobile calling charges each month – and hack your household mobile call spending? This topic is especially timely, given how Canada’s mobile calling rates are one of the world’s worst. This may...

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VoIP Spear: Leading the Way to Better VoIP

One of the best things to happen to telecommunications is VoIP. In the span of less than a decade, it has overtaken mobile and traditional telephony as the preferred means of communication. It owes to the technologies that support it, such as internet connectivity, as well as the gadgets and devices that enable its usage. This dependency on other...

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Cheap Long Distance Calls to India

VoIP technology makes it easier than ever before to make international long distance calls to India. Today we’ll compare the rates of some of our long distance and residential providers against the traditional Canadian telecom providers. Provider Landline Rate Mobile Rate Connection Fee Localphone 1.5 cents 1.5 cents $0 Skype 9.8 cents 9.8...

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New Area Codes in Canada coming in late March

Canada started with area codes in 1947 with only 9, after March 25th, 2013 there will be 29, and it’s expected to grow to 35 over the next few years. According to the CNAC (Canadian Numbering Administrator) people now have the ability to have more than one phone number, be it Smartphone or tablet. On this, we have to factor the growing utilization of...