Best Unlimited Internet Providers Canada

Unlimited internet providers make good sense for Canadians considering that we are one of the world’s most active online users. Internet providers charge you based on the amount of data you use. Data is calculated as you download, stream, upload, and even use apps or open a browser. We spend an average of 36.7 hours online each month which means you want an internet service provider that offers affordable internet access.   Unlimited internet providers allow you to access the internet without charging additional fees for being online too long. In fact, other than talking on a smartphone, everything you do uses data. With the introduction of unlimited data plans, ISPs make it more affordable for you to do the things you love without the worry of getting charged a fortune. Gone VoIP makes it easy to find the best unlimited internet providers offering the fastest speed and the lowest fees.  Take a look at our easy comparison chart below to get started.

Data Calculation

If you have been dreading the arrival of your ISP bill each month, unlimited internet providers allow you to spend less on data while always having access to the internet. Whenever you are using your wireless device or smartphones the costs for data usage can add up quickly. When you consider how much time you spend on your phone every day and that everything you do is adding to your data usage, you can see how this can get expensive. Unlimited internet providers allow you to access the internet without having to track how much data you are using out of fear you will be incurring more charges.

The activities that will add to your data usage includes:

  • The number of pages you view on a device when on the web
  • The time you spend streaming videos including sites such as YouTube or Netflix
  • App usage which also includes gaming, viewing and posting to social media
  • Music streaming
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • GPS navigation
  • Tethering
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

These activities use up the largest amounts of data and tend the be the culprits that will push you over your data limits.

Watch for Unlimited Data Caps

With unlimited internet providers, you can connect using multiple devices which is ideal for families who are accessing their phones, laptops, and other wireless devices. However, the name of unlimited data can be misleading. You have to be careful when shopping for unlimited data plans because although many ISPs offer them, some add a cap or usage limits that are actually still limiting how much data you can use each month. As well, not only will you be charged for additional data, you will also see the speed of your service slow down as you reach or exceed your limit. You have to ask your provider if they are applying caps when signing up for an unlimited data plan as well as if your speed will suffer the closer you come to your limit. GoneVoIP can help you find the best-unlimited internet provider in your area, so you can begin paying less and streaming more.

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