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Reading through our Business Phone Blog, you will find what you need when it comes to buying or updating your business phone service. Our goal through our blogs is to insightfully guide you through choosing, buying, and ultimately improving your business communications.

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Using Virtual Numbers (VoIP’s Virtuosity)

One of the things very common to see as part of a Provider’s offer nowadays is Virtual Numbers. Though what are these numbers and why they are called ‘virtual’? Well, these are called ‘Virtual’ (or Extra) Numbers because they are not directly associated with a real telephone line. In fact, Virtual Numbers are forwarded to ring to some other...

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Ooma Enters the Small-Business Segment

Ooma, the maker behind the Telo all-in-one solution is making a move into the small –business territory. Last January, during CES in Las Vegas Ooma presented Ooma Office. The service is catered to small enterprises looking for plug & play solutions; those businesses that have from 1 to 10 employees. Ooma’s Office can grow up to 5 phone...

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Advantages for Business with VoIP

Whether an established business or a start-up there are important advantages of using Voice-Over IP (VOIP) to satisfy today’s telecommunications needs. The good old days with just a phone, hardware-based solutions with hefty long-distance charges, and with expensive faxes are gone. With VOIP today’s business telephony needs can be fully addressed...

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New Area Codes in Canada coming in late March

Canada started with area codes in 1947 with only 9, after March 25th, 2013 there will be 29, and it’s expected to grow to 35 over the next few years. According to the CNAC (Canadian Numbering Administrator) people now have the ability to have more than one phone number, be it Smartphone or tablet. On this, we have to factor the growing utilization of...