Call Center Software Vendors Canada

Just as the enterprise has adopted new features and value at the Business Telephone, the Call Center industry has also taken advantage of VoIP technology.  Today the agent’s IP phone and call center automation software gives your customer a window into your solutions, support, expertise, billing, and marketing campaigns. It now plays a key role in your overall branding.

While selecting a partner to host your offsite VoIP infrastructure, the choice of the Vendor factors in the convenience and professionalism perceived by your clients at this critical touchpoint.  GoneVoIP examines this landscape and offers some criteria for your informed decision.

It’s all about your Customer’s Experience!

The demanding buyer in this digital age has an expectation of high touch yet low costs. It’s the expectation that your company knows exactly what they bought and are ready to help them instantly with changes and upgrades. Customers have increasingly less tolerance for being clumsy within the relationship by not offering to communicate with them within their preferences be it a voice call, SMS, email, chatbots for self-service or social media.

Today’s Call Center automation software goes far beyond the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functions and can now integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. This puts every client’s business details at the agent’s fingertips quickly for an intelligent discussion. Integrated VoIP platforms should communicate expected wait times and give the waiting client choices for the next steps.

Drive Growth, Measure Productivity

The other differentiating criteria for your selection are the included tools provided in the call center software that enables your visibility and control. Most will include a variety of management dashboards that you can customize for the exact Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that measure your priorities.

Aside from traditional metrics like wait times and dropped calls you should be able to measure and adjust the productivity of teams and individual agents. Managers need to load balance skills and resources to accelerate your group’s performance. Raw statistics collected by the call center software can interface with a sophisticated analytics application (such as Kipfolio) for operational monitoring, in-depth analysis, and decisions.

Choosing the correct Call Center Software and partner provider for your organization requires current needs analysis and a vision of how your services are to be delivered in the future.

Investigate providers of Call Center Software that support industry best practices:

  • Is there Actionable Data for management to make adjustments to resources?
  • Are there choices to communicate? Can the customer’s experience be great?
  • Evaluate the ease of administration. Can you reconfigure on the fly?
  • Are there proven Restful APIs for CRMs like Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite or others?
  • Does the software promote fast ‘time to market’ of promotions & campaigns?
  • Do you have bilingual requirements facing the client or workforce?
  • Does your Canadian partner have resiliency with multiple data centers?
  • Will you have client data sovereignty issues if partnering with a USA cloud provider?
  • Examine scalability and look for a ‘pay as you grow’ model
  • Which partner can assist in completing your vision and enhance your brand?

This compilation of the best call center software vendors by GoneVoIP will assist in your own investigation in forwarding the price ranges and innovative features of leading players. To assist in your decision process, real-life reviews from your business peers are encouraged and shared.

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